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    February 27, 2012

    Craig Button is also the guy who released Martin St. Louis for nothing, traded Marc Savard for Ruslan Zainullan and traded JS Giguere for essentially Miika Elomo and a 4th round pick. Although, CoHo is easily the best player in this deal, I would still take anything Button says with a heavy grain of salt.

    • Brian Wawryshyn
      February 27, 2012

      I’m not a Button supporter, I just found that he made a very good point regarding the Red Wings. They retain their skilled talent and don’t change for anyone. The other side would argue what we saw against Boston last year needed to be addressed.

      I was becoming a big Coho fan, so I’m disappointed today, but I also understand why they did it.

  2. Desh sky
    February 28, 2012

    Button nailed it. Kassian is a good Player to have but good god he’s not a hodgson. Not even close to a fair trade. Why not get Ott who can score at that point or if it’s getting to expensive, stay with the great team you have? Kassian’s not going to stop a team from pushing the Sedins around. He’s not even going tO play on that line. The Canucks lost bc Thomas just had a phenomenal playoffs. He took a average playoff team and carried them. That wasn’t going to happen again. Add all our injuries (Kesler’s groin being the huge one in San Jose) and it isnt a surprise we were pushed around (namely and honestly the sedins).

    That’s another thing. It was the Sedins that got pushed around. The other lines did fine to well. How is kassian going tO change that?

    We beat them in bOston. We beat them in Detroit. We were beating them. Now we may have beaten ourselves.

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