Cory Schneider Arrested for Larceny, Canucks Defeat Hawks 3-2 at Rogers Arena.

Just Another Regular Game .. Or Not (JARGON) is a new feature to this blog. These posts will feature the best (and worst) of the regular season performances by the Canucks, in anticipation of the playoffs.

Cory Schneider Arrested for Larceny, Canucks Defeat Hawks 3-2 at Rogers Arena.

Cam Ward, Miikka Kiprusoff, Ryan Miller, I smoke all these fools! They are making the big sweet dollars. They are making the... quan. And the bloggers are talking. #ThingsCorySchneiderDoesntSay

Alright Schneider wasn’t arrested, but I’m certain there’s an outstanding warrant in the Blackhawks locker room. Both goaltenders tonight were quite good, but Schneider’s volume of work, and degree of difficulty was slightly higher throughout the game.

These two teams are among the Western Conference elite, and the rivalry is intense. The Canucks and the Hawks seem to get up for each other, motivation shouldn’t have been an issue. I expected there to be a chippy, physical game. Instead, the Canucks did not have a single power play, and the Hawks had just 2 of their own, at least one of which was a questionable call.

This game featured a few memorable hits from Alexander Edler (chosen as the game’s 3rd star), and one hip check from Keith Ballard, who played a solid game. That hip check cost him 2 minutes for clipping, which seemed like a blown call. Burrows received 2 minutes for boarding, although from my vantage point Kruger didn’t appear to hit the boards at all. That was all for penalties. The usual “make up call” didn’t happen in the 3rd period, so the Canucks vaunted power play was 0-for-0.

How the Canucks won, and How the Hawks lost

The answer to both of these questions is Cory Schneider. Odd-man rush, left to right, right to left, it didn’t matter. Schneider stopped almost everything fired his way, making 37 saves on 39 shots.  The Blackhawks could have been up by at least 2 or 3 goals after the 2nd period. And then there was this save, which drew a standing ovation from the crowd at Rogers Arena.

“I botched it behind the net,” said Schneider, who had help from defenseman Alex Edler as he scrambled back to his crease where he flopped as Morrison shot. “I just remember reaching as far as I could and the puck hit me. I was more upset with myself than happy about the save.” – via Yahoo Sports

#Coho4Calder train keeps rolling

Remember you heard it here first. Cody Hodgson was named as one of the 3 stars in this game, and perhaps this wasn’t as memorable a game as his effort in Boston, but there was the goal he scored to tie the game in the 3rd period to eventually send the game to overtime.

It seems that Hodgson likes to score goals when they matter the most, which usually translates into massive fan support in Canucks Nation. Does this kid ever score a bad goal? This goal was another beauty, with the #HoneyBadger giving the puck to a lonely Hodgson at the Hawks blueline. Hodgson, walks right in, he dekes, he shoots, he scores! #SoundedWayBetterInMyHead

#WizardousSedinery finds a way in OT

With thanks to @PassittoBulis – the Sedin’s play in overtime is exactly the reason the hashtag was created. The twins appear to have the puck on a string. Henrik to Daniel.

Tonight’s game, the Blackhawks probably deserved a better fate – they seemed to carry the play and the scoring chances were there, but they couldn’t take advantage of enough of those opportunities to secure the win. I almost feel bad for the Hawks fans on my twitter timeline .. but we’ll take the 2 points.

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  1. peanutflower says

    It was a great game. It’s too bad the only thing the Hawks and their fans will take away from it is the “bad call” — although I’m not sure how a non-call is a bad call. Isn’t it just a bad non-call? Anyway, the prevailing wisdom from the Hawks and fans is they should have won because there should have been a penalty shot for Stalberg. Oh well. That’s the way the game goes.

    • says

      i know of some Hawks fans on my twitter timeline that felt it was a pretty good game. Stalberg may or may not have beef though. Kesler was hauled down in the offensive zone with no call (one of the few times the Canucks had enough pressure to make the Hawks run around a bit). with the way Schneider was playing .. who knows =) thanks for the comment!

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