Contest: Skate with the Canucks at Rogers Arena

Update: This contest is now closed!┬áCongratulations to Kailey Ransom, the winner of our Sun Life / Vancouver Canucks “Skate with the Canucks” contest. Kailey won via Twitter! She’ll have the chance to skate at Rogers arena with three friends, Canucks players and alumni.

On Saturday, January 14th, 2012, Sun Life Financial is sponsoring Skate with the Canucks. This event will give fans a chance to skate with current Canuck players as well as alumini at Rogers Arena. The Vancouver Canucks and Sun Life Financial were kind enough to offer one reader and up to three of their friends a chance to participate.

This is obviously a great opportunity for any Canucks fan and there are two ways you can enter via

  • Leave a comment below and tell us how you became a Canucks fan. (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry):

RT to enter for a chance to Skate with the #Canucks at Rogers Arena via @VanCanucks & @CanucksCorner #CCSkate

The deadline to enter is Saturday, January 7th, 2012 at 12:00 noon. A random winner from the total number of entries will be drawn and announced soon after.

Good luck!

Please note:

  • All participants must provide their own helmet and pair of skates.
  • At least one member of the 2011/2012 Vancouver Canucks and Canucks Alumni will be on the ice at the event.
  • Official and additional eligibility rules can be found here.
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  1. Randy welch says

    I first became a Canucks fan in 1991 after the passing of my mom. My step dad took me to my first game, that game just happened to be Bure’s first game. Still have the stub.

  2. Erica says

    My dad watched it and we use to make dinner together and then watch the game! He said even Asa baby when the canucks scored I use to throw my arms and scream. I’ve been a proud fan sense 89 and will make memories passing it down to my kids one days

  3. James says

    My uncles use to come over and watch the game. Never met my dad but three uncles screaming at a tv and teaching you all about the game, Canucks and watching recorded games from before I was born, was Definetly a lot more fun and interesting! I grew up knowing stats from 1970 & onwards when I was born in 84.. Maybe that’s why I am still so obsessed with the Vancouver Canucks and the hockey franchise!

  4. Kinsey says

    Ive been a “fan” most my life. But when I moved back to BC from Alberta. With the likes of Bertuzzi and Ruutu on the ice along side Linden and the prospects that are our big stars today. I started becoming a huge fan. Every year, especially the last 3 years, I become more and more caught up with the team. And when I think I can’t be a bigger fan, I surprise myself when I realize I love the team even more for every season being played.

  5. Yao says

    I became a fan in 94 when the waitresses in my parents restaursnts would listen to the stanley cup run on the radio. My favorite player became Pavel Bure and I have been a fan ever since.

  6. Spencer says

    I was born into my fan-dom, passed down from my dad. I still have the Bure jersey that he bought me during the ’94 playoffs when I was 4. I’ve been a Canuck fan all my life, and what a great life it has been!

  7. Justin says

    My dad took me to a Canucks game vs. the Minnesota North Stars at the Pacific Coliseum and the rest was history.

  8. Mel says

    My brother and I used to play floor hockey & street hockey as kids. My brother was a big Canucks fan so naturally I followed.

  9. Max Rhodes says

    I became a fan when I was born in 1988 and was given Canuck Fan gear before I could even speak. Ever since I have been apart of Canuck nation through the highs and lows. GO NUCKS GO!!!!!

  10. Mandy says

    I became a fan this year…I’m originally from Toronto and loved the Leafs during the 90’s. They had passion, grit and drive. Since moving here, I would occasionally watch the Canucks games, but was not really into them, until last year. It was way before the playoffs, when they started showing their grit and determination. Period by period, game by game, winning the President’s cup, they were determined. They had that same fire, drive and determination as the 90’s Leafs. I started watching the games, getting to know the players and their history.
    I then became an official fan. 8 years after moving to the west coast, I have offically become a Canucks fan and even though the cup was not brought home, it is a team I will stand by

    Go Canucks Go!

  11. Cari-Ann says

    I have to admit that I have been a Canuck fan for as long as I can remember. However the point in my life that solidied the deal was when John Wild was a coach for my brothers minor hockey team. I was about 4 John brought Stan Smyl to one of the teams practices. As I ran to open the door for the team ( I was too short to be seen through the glass) they boys pushed open the door and I went flying and hit a wall. All I remember is Stan Smyl coming over to me as he saw what had happened picking me up and asking my dad if he could skate me around the ice. I instantly stopped crying and had a look of awe on my face, as this man that I had watched play hockey on TV was holding me. Years later my brother went to Stan Smyl’s hockey school. I took the picture and asked him to sign it. Best of all he REMEMBERED that day!! Since that day I have been and always will be a Canuck Fan!!

  12. Paula says

    I became a Canucks fan as soon as my family migrated to Canada from the Philippines in 2010. I became a hockey fan while still living in the Philippines a few months before because of the Olympics in Vancouver.

  13. Amy L. says

    I didn’t become a full fledged fan until the Stanley Cup Finals (and don’t say bandwagoner!). I had casually watched games for a few years, I still remember the Naslund/Bertuzzi/Morrison days. I even recall a time in 1994 when I was just 8 years old and had drawn a “Go Canucks Go” on a piece of paper to stick on my house windows. I don’t think I knew at the time why I was doing that, but I suppose it was foreshadowing on what was to come. I regularly hang out with my cousins and extended family and they are all very diehard Canucks fans. One thing led to another and I got into the hype of the playoffs. It wasn’t until then that I had watched the team with intense passion and finally figured out why everyone loved them so much. From the surreal experience of high fiving random strangers on Granville Street to the heartbreak of the final game, I have no regrets and there’s no turning back now! Canuck fan for life!

  14. Natalie Marsh says

    I became a Canuck fan this year, when I watched Game 7 against Chicago. When Alex Burrows scored that overtime goal, I realized what an incredible team this was. From then on, I was hooked. As a family we watched every playoff game after that, watching how impassioned and determined these men were. I spent hours on the internet searching for tickets to Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final, because I knew it would be life changing, and it was. It was my first NHL game and the atmosphere just blew me away. Complete strangers hugged me and yelled in my ear as we celebrated that beauty goal by Max Lapierre.

    I’m proud to say I’m a Vancouver fan, even after the huge disappointment and riots that entailed after that harsh Game 7. I watch every game, no matter how late at night or if they’re winning or losing. I drove over from the island and waited for 6 hours to meet Ryan Kesler, my favourite player, in December, because I wanted the chance to tell him in person how inspiring he is to me.

    They’re my team and I’m so proud of them.

  15. Curtis says

    I was an Oilers fan as a kid. When went to my first NHL game and saw some guy they called the “Russian Rocket”. From that moment on, I was forever changed into a Canucks fan

  16. Chris says

    My parents are both die-hard Canucks fans, so in 1989 I was born on the Canucks bandwagon. The 1994 Stanley Cup Run was what sparked my love for Hockey, and introduced me to some of my All-Time favorite players. (Trevor Linden, Pavel Bure, Kirk McLean, Cliff Ronning, Greg Adams, Jyrki Lumme, etc) As the years went on, my love for the Canucks has only grown. I have a room completely dedicated to the Canucks, and my truck proudly boasts three small Canucks car flags, and a five foot Canucks flag on game days.

    It would be a true honour to be able to skate on the ice at Rogers Arena, alongside my idols.

  17. Annie says

    Well, my dad watched a lot of hockey when i was just born. And growing up, hockey started to slowly enter my world. Now it’s my life. Canucks is my life.

  18. Jitender B says

    I became a Canuck fan from a very young age, thanks to my uncle who taught me all about the team and the sport; I knew I was a fan for life after the 1994 Stanley cup playoff run, I have not missed a game since. =)

  19. Brian P says

    I became a Canucks fan when I was young and used to watch the games on tv with my dad! Seeing the 94 run made it more real and have been a growing fan since!

  20. Manpaul says


    I became a fan when I was very young as my grandpa loved watching the games. Ever since I have not looked back and i have had the greatest time watching the Canucks for 20 years.

  21. says

    I’ve always been a Canucks fan although my obsession began in the middle of last season. Seeing the team adapt to new players, win against strong, physical teams and have the ability to remain men with class is really an amazing thing. I have love for other teams but the men on this team have every ounce of love and respect from me. They have great work ethic, give back to our community and remain humble people. They accept losses and take everything for what it is. I would never respect a team that felt they needed to play dirty to win. I’d much rather take a loss playing fairly than a cheap win. All in all, they have a major impact on me and they’re the reason I will forever be a Vancouver Canucks Fan!

  22. Steve McIvor says

    I certainly was not born into being a Canuck fans as most of my family are life long Red Wings fans. After a bout of cheering for the Red Wings I secume to the exciting end to end rushes of Pavel Bure and switched over to Canucks fandom. While it started with one player, I think my passion for being a Canucks fans is rooted in the overall organization and the way it operates from manangment to players. The Canucks are a world class organization that cares not only about the product on the ice but equally its standing and duties in the community. It is an organization that demands a level of commitment and integrity no matter what your association or level may be with the team.

    It is easy to take for granted that all sport franchises are run this way, but having worked in a few of them, they most certainly are not. The Canucks are something we are all proud of and without question we should be.

    Canucks fan forever

  23. Bella Crevier says

    I started being a fan in 2000 I’d say. It started out that to be honest, I wasn’t a big hockey fan. My dad was the hockey head in the family(HUGE Habs fan) Anyways, I’d watch with him when the Habs played the Canucks. It really started with me only cheering for the Canucks just to make my dad mad, and wanting to see his team lose. Then they grew on me. I started asking more and more questions about the game, and it all just went on from there. As it is now, I don’t ever miss a game, haha. I’ve never seen a live game yet, but I will very, very soon.

    I’ll definitely be a Canucks fan for life, that’s for sure :)

  24. Amanpreet says

    I became a Canucks fan because of my brother. He happened to be watching the Canucks game and I sat down one day and actually paid attention and right then, I fell in love with watching hockey and my team.

  25. Dchoi says

    I became a Canucks fan when Markus Naslund became one of the best players in the league, along with the West Coast Express.

  26. Daman Pabla says

    I became a Canucks fan at a very young age. My family would watch the Canucks play on Hockey Night In Canada and that is where my love for the Canucks started/grew.

  27. Kendra B says

    I met my boyfriend just before playoffs last year to find out that he is the most intense canucks fan out there. After going to my first game at Rogers I fell in love with the Canucks and was no longer embarrassed to be seen in his completely decked out “Nuck Truck” or bring him to family gatherings with his Nucks swag on. I was wearing mine too :) It would be amazing to be able to bring him to Rogers Arena for a Skate with the team.

  28. Anna says

    I became a fan when I was 5. Normally, I say it’s because of my brother but really it’s because I had a crush on Trevor Linden ^^

  29. Newton Wong says

    Honestly, my girlfriend got me into the Canucks but more importantly, the sport that is hockey. Ever since, I’ve been playing as an All-Star titled goalie in the ICE604 league. Bringing her to this ‘Skate with the Canucks’ event will be an excellent way to start the DAY I PROPOSE TO HER. *Hint hint* Oh, and please make sure Hamhuis opens his schedule for that day too as she has a soft spot for him :)

  30. says

    I became a Canucks fan because my Dad instilled it in me from birth. That fandom remains today because of thae way the Canucks instill a family mentality throughout its fanbase.

  31. Lara says

    I became a canucks fan in 2000. I was in grade 3 and had become obsessed with hockey so my dad suggested that I start listening to the games on the radio.

  32. Wanda Barton says

    My dad raised me to be a Canuck fan. At the age of 12 I knew then after watching the full season gaining an understanding for the game the passion and for what the organization stood for that I was a fan for life! That 1994 cup run changed my life for the better and I have been a die hard Canuck fan and me and my dad still watch games together and attend when we can! I love what the passion the Canucks show on and off the ice for their fans!

  33. Rob says

    I don’t have a heartwarming story like the rest of the people here… I just started watching the games on TV in the early 90s and began to love the Canucks! Easy as that!

  34. Sabinah says

    I have always watched the Canucks since I was a kid so its been over 20 years. To be honesty, they were my 2nd favourite team behind my hometown Wpg Jets. After the Jets left Wpg the Canucks became my favourite team. I also love the Canucks because I used to watch several of the players when they played for the Manitoba Moose. I moved to Vancouver 2 years ago and just love the Canucks fan spirit here!

  35. says

    I became a Canucks fan a few years ago, but became a die-hard fan since last year. It started when I watched the Stanley Cup playoffs in the 2006-07 season with my grandma. I’d always hear her cheering so I went to her room and started watching as well. I was cheering for Anaheim, and they ended up winning the cup that year. Ever since, I always loved watching hockey, especially the Canucks. I loved watching Trevor Linden and how he took his role as a captain. ┬áHe is my all-time favourite Canucks player, as I said in the previous contest. He’s the one who caught my eye and stood out the most to me because of his passion for the game and that’s how I started to love the Canucks. Even though we haven’t won the cup.. yet, I’ll always love the Vancouver Canucks; win or lose.

  36. says

    I became a Canucks Fan in 2001 when I was 8 years old. My aunt took me to my very first Canucks game and I loved it. Love the team, love the fans, and love everything about the sport.

  37. Chanpreet says

    I became a canucks fan when I was 7. My family was/ is full of Canucks fans and with them cheering on the Canucks, I became a really big fan too.

  38. Jen vanH says

    I became a canucks fan in grade 1 when my teacher introduced me to our great team consisting of Trevor Linden, Markus Naslund, Todd Bertuzzi and the rest of the great team. I’ve been a fan for 10 years now and will always love and support my team through thick and thin, no matter what happens I will always go for green and blue.

  39. Jacob R says

    I’ve been a casual fan for the past 10 years now, but what really made me become a “hard-core” fan was during the 07 playoffs against Dallas. I still remember staying up till 1 am till the Sedins finally worked their magic.

  40. jenh says

    I’ve loved the canucks ever since I was 7 years old and I won’t ever stop loving them for as long as I live!! The Canucks are who give me strength in hard times and have shown me to never give up no matter how tough it may seem. They’re more than a hockey team to me, they’re my true heros.

  41. Sherwin Bui says

    I’m not really sure when I started to watch the Canucks play hockey. But I do remember that I’ve always had their hockey games playing since I was little. Since I was born in Vancouver, my parents were pretty much the people who got the Canucks on my mind at a young age. All in all, I’ve always been a Canucks fan back then and even right now. The only difference is that now I usually hang out with friends to enjoy a Canucks game.

  42. susan says

    I have been a canuck fan since since i was 3.. so that would have been back in 1970.. my father was a diehard fan… he would even call in sick somedays to catch a game… it was me and my dads thing together…. we would sit on his easychair and watch the game together while my mom was busy in the kitchen ect.. they were my fondest memorys of my father….. i remember as the years passed how my mom would come in and say…. OH U GUYS>>> QUITET IT DOWN A BIT EH??///lol///// my father passed away in 2004 and to this day… i miss watching hockey with my dad. GO CANUCKS GO!!!

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