Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Breaking News!!! The real reason Roberto Luongo struggles early in the season!


I know I know…another Luongo blog. But when you see what we’ve uncovered you’ll be glad we posted this.

Everyone knows that Roberto Luongo struggles early in the NHL season. Well we’ve uncovered the reason why, and it has nothing to do with his play! He’s a BC Lions fan! TMZ is going to be all over this!

This photo below provides proof that Luongo has invested in a body double that plays the first part of the season for him, while he watches his beloved BC Lions down the stretch of the CFL season. Luongo, photographed here, still sporting his Stanley Cup playoff beard is seen here at the BC Lions game last in the crowd. Obviously with Russell Crowe in a suite, just mere feet away Luongo was trying to blend in with the crowd.

So Canucks fans, with the BC Lions poised to make an appearance int he 2011 Grey Cup, it could be December before we see him round into form. You be the judge…Enquiring minds want to know!

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4 Responses to “Breaking News!!! The real reason Roberto Luongo struggles early in the season!”
  1. Doesn't matter says:

    I hope your kidding. I 100% KNOW THAT IS NOT TRUE. I am close friends with the Luongo family. And I know that is just a Indian guy. Not to be racist. Look closely. He has darker skin. And more of a beard. And I KNOW that he doesn’t like the lions.

  2. No, I’m completely serious…wow…

  3. Bruce Ng says:

    LOL!!!! #TotallySerious

  4. Justine Galo says:

    For the record, I have an Indian friend who looks almost like Roberto Luongo.

    And well, yeah, Luongo didn’t make the road trip at all, he just wanted to near Russell Crowe and wanted to know what a team that wins with desire looks like. Judging from the Chicago game, I guess he got the message from the Lions ;) .

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