Contest: Game 4 on the Jumbotron anyone?

Stanley Cup banner hangs from the rafters in Rogers Arena: Photo: Justine Galo

Since the contest for Game 3 garnered  good attention. Congratulations to Armit Gill of Coquitlam in winning to viewing party seats to Game 3. I’d like extend it for Game 4.  There are a few Canucks that could be possible candidates for the Conn Smythe Trophy.  My choice right now? It would probably Alex Burrows. He’s tied with Daniel Sedin for goals in the playoffs, for the Canucks with nine.  He’s scored timely OT goals to win a series and to put the Canucks up two games to none in the Stanley Cup Final.

1.Post a comment on here as to who your candidate would be, and why?


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I want to go to the Rogers Arena Game 4 Viewing Party courtesy of @CanucksCorner and  @Aviewfromabroad

As I did for Game 3, I will deliver your tickets right in your hand. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow afternoon on Twitter and on this page.

Good Luck and Go Canucks Go!

Justine Galo

Twitter: @Aviewfromabroad

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  1. Carol Gottselig says

    There’s a difference between who you would like picked and who the hockey writers will pick and of course there is at least 2 more games of hockey for someone to shine.

    I have a feeling that Kesler gets it just because he’s been garnering a lot of attention from the sports guys and it’s for the whole playoffs and he has been valuable in many ways so I can see it. happening,

    Kesler for Conn Smythe.

    • Justine Galo says

      Absolutely a difference who is being talked about and who you’d like as the pick. Which is why I posed the question.

      Hope to hear a good diversity of answers!

  2. Brian P says

    I would like to put out my suggestion to have burrows the front runner for the clutch smythe trophy!

  3. Amanda C says

    He’s the most underrated player in the NHL. He never got drafted and he has worked very hard to be where he is today. Playing on the first line with the Sedins and being the most incredible clutch player.

    We wouldn’t be in the Stanley Cup Finals if it wasn’t for his game 7 OT winner.

    Alex Burrows for Conn Smythe! :)

  4. Dayana San Miguel says

    Burrows! He shoots to score or at least doesn’t waste precious time. We can’t afford to not be aggressive but classy @ the same time.

  5. Monica Johal says

    I would have to nominate Alex Burrows as a possible candidate for the Conn Smythe Trophy because he is a clutch player who meshes well with the Sedins. He doesn’t just shoot the puck anywhere he shoots to score, as a player on the blue line with the Sedins he may not have possession of the puck as often but when he does have possession with the puck he works wonders! And if it wasn’t for his goal in the Chicago series, we wouldn’t be in the Stanley Cup Finals today. =)

  6. Aman M says

    It’s really a toss up. They’ve played a team game and are all deserving of playing their roles well. But if I have to pick one I’d have to go with Luongo. He’s been consistently solid throughout the playoffs and has stood on his head for some games to pull out valuable wins. His numbers are also VERY solid.
    I read this line somewhere online…”Everyone keeps talking about how great of a warrior Tim Thomas is while Luongo is quietly doing his job quite well.”


  7. Kiran Narwal says

    I would nominate Alex Burrows, because he is one of the most, if not the most, amazing players to ever play! Also, thanks to Burrows, we’ve landed a spot in the Stanley Cup Finals! :)

  8. Anabela B says

    I would have to agree. Burrows for sure. He’s playing with so much energy and that energy is being felt through the team. He has stepped his play for the entire playoffs and has been wonderful to watch. He’s been very inspirational and almost reminds me of a Trevor Linden type player.

  9. Fiona says

    I have to think it’s going to be Kesler, although a good case could (and will) be made for Burrows and Luongo. I just think Kes has brought the energy, grit and points throughout the whole play-offs and we’ve got a few more very tough games left for him to build on his performance so far. As my son says “here we go Kesler, here we go!”

  10. Kiran says

    I’m going with Bieksa. After a whole year of being the d-man in the dog house he has shown all the nay-sayers that he can make it count when needed. His game winning goal and his awesome play make him a front-runner for the Conn Smythe 😀 *Go Canucks Go*

  11. Kam Dhari says

    Although Daniel Sedin and Ryan Kesler are doing great, I would have to go with Alex Burrows as well. Yes he scored the ot goal to finally end the dramatic series against Chicago and yes he scored the goal in game 2 by outworking that lanky mofo Zdeno Chara. The biggest thing about this guy is that he was able to have such a huge impact for the Vancouver Canucks despite all the things going on in his life off the ice. To be a new father and not being able to see his daughter that much must be tough. And of course, the anniversary of the death of his buddy and fellow Canuck Luc Bourdon. It’s tough losing someone that’s really close to you. To play under these circumstances would be difficult but he found way to use it as motivation and is easily the most entertaining Canuck!! Cheers to Burrows!

  12. says

    I would love Ryan Kesler to win, but Burrows is kick bums & takin names currently can’t deny how he’s a shining star out there right now. :)

  13. Kiersten Eis says

    I would go with Bieksa – he’s shown that he can really handle himself and the puck, and that he can make great decisions and plays when it counts. He’s really grown up this year and I can’t say anything bad about him any more, lol.

  14. says

    I would have to go with Kesler. He’s got so much heart, and his line “I’ll play on one leg” shows just how much he cares for the game and his team.

  15. Kishan says

    Alex Burrows is my 100% pick to win the Conn Smythe. Many people say that Burrows will win, but they usually don’t have any ideas to back up their pick. Well I do, Alex Burrows is a key player for the Vancouver Canucks. He comes out to every game with that playoff mentality that wins championships. He is passionate and aggressive, and not afraid to get into it with guys that may be bigger than him. Lastly, He is the most clutch player that Vancouver has ever seen. He always comes through with the big goals that count even when he is having a bad game. I can picture Alex Burrows receiving the Conn Smythe right after his team has won the Sanley Cup!

  16. Jasmine Modgil says

    I’d say Luongo he’s been solid for most of the playoffs
    And would be my front runner!

  17. erin says

    Alex Burrows has been so big during these playoffs, it’s hard to think of anyone else that could come close to the big goals Burrows has gotten. Chicago Game Seven, anyone!? It was such a great feeling then, and it was a great feeling on Saturday when he got the OT winner. One of the best player stories, but it hasn’t influenced my pick. Burrows has stepped up every single game when it counted, and though some might not see him that way on the ice, he is an entirely different (in a good way!) character off of the ice. My pick is Burrows! Shoot the arrow for Luc!

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