Oh what a feeling! Canucks headed to the Stanley Cup finals!

Well they sure like to make it hard on us don’t they?

The Canucks survived a gutsy performance by San Jose in game 5 and got a double overtime goal from Kevin Bieksa to win the series 4 games to 1 and advance to the Stanley Cup finals for the 3rd time in franchise history.

Just simply too tired for a really long post so we’ll just throw out a few thoughts and quotes.

  • Does Kevin Bieksa start getting mentioned as a Conn Smythe winner? He had four goals in the series, leads all defensemen in the playoffs with 5 and night after night plays big minutes against the opponents biggest threats. You have to think he should be.
  • Ryan Kesler is human right? After heading off with an obvious leg injury he returned and gingerly skated around for a few shifts, obviously still feeling whatever ailed him. All he did was suck it up and score the winning goal in the dying seconds.
  • There have been many games over the Canucks 40 year history that you asked yourself why the hockey gods hated them so much. But tonight they were clearly on the Canucks side. Vancouver was out-shot badly, got a break on an icing call that never should have been on the Kesler goal, and a generous bounce off the glass lead to the Kesler goal…it’s about fricking time!!!!
  • I’m proud to be a Canucks fan, and we’ve really seen how Canucks Nation has grown over the last few years, but man was Rogers Arena quiet at times tonight. If you are privileged enough to attend playoff games, get off your asses and get behind the boys! There are a ton of fans that can’t afford to go to games that would kill for the chance to be where you are and make as much noise as they can. Time to bring your “A” game, and yes lower bowl I’m talking to you.

““To go to the Stanley Cup Final is a dream come true and to do it with this group of guys, our core has been here for seven/eight years working towards something special, and we have a huge opportunity ahead of us now.” – Kevin Bieksa

“Every time he gets 50 shots, he’s pretty good…” – Alex Burrows on Roberto Luongo.

“It was fun after the game to see his emotions, he rarely shows those. He’s been through a lot like the rest of our team. We’ve been battling together a lot of years here.” – Henrik Sedin on Sami Salo finally getting to the finals.

That was exhausting and there’s more to come. So I’ll leave you with a big old GO CANUCKS GO! Rest up for the finals Canucks Nation!

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  1. Michelle Morris says

    Mind blowing game last night — so glad I was there! Totally agree about some of the quiet fans though —- you’ve gotta support our boys with your lungs people!!! I have no voice left from all my yelling and screaming throughout the game. :-)

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