Dear Vancouver: We’re Cup Bound, Can You Believe It?

Dear Vancouver:

Are you all still in disbelief? Are you all still partying from last night? Do most of you still think it’s just a dream? It isn’t a dream. Our Vancouver Canucks are heading to the Stanley Cup Finals. It has been 17 years since our last finals appearance and only a third time in our 40 year history to get to here.  It hasn’t been an ‘easy’ run, but nothing worth winning is ever easy. I for one, am happy it happened this way.

Round One: The Monkey Off The Back

After going up 3-0 against the Chicago Blackhawks, and seeing that lead slip away, it hurt. And by the time Game 6 came around, I am sure some of us out there lost faith in our boys. In fact, there were even a few out there ( in Twitterverse and the Facebook world) who were going to denounce the Canucks as their team. Sure the Canucks played terribly in games four and five, but there is a reason why they play the games. It had to be done. It was won and was it ever a thriller. There were talks of trading Luongo and running him out of town.  After last night, and 54 saves later, is he still you goat?

Roberto Luongo celebrates a 54 save effort and win with the Green Men: Photo credit David Carigg

Round Two: Grits and Fits

This series was one that many of the Canucks fans, myself included, just wanted toget through’.  It was hard hockey to watch. Not just because the Predators brought a bland brand of hockey to the table, but more because it was frustrating to see many of the Canucks get contained by it. The Sedins were deemed ‘invisible’ by fans and media alike. It also showed what Ryan Kesler was made of.  After an unbelievable year, he tops it off with factoring in the majority of the scoring in this series.  Captain America is definitely a Canuck.

Round Three: No Way Jose

This was a closer series than the 4-1 in games indicated, but the better team won, no question.  The San Jose Sharks were valiant and worthy opponents. Although I don’t agree with Dan Boyle thinking the Sharks deserved to win this series and Vancouver didn’t, it could have gone either way at any point. Vancouver’s goal tending from Roberto Luongo was excellent. The Sedins, especially Henrik showed why they are Art Ross trophy winners. Henrik tied Pavel Bure for most points by a Canuck in a single series with 12, 11 of those were, or course, assists.

Personal Highlights

I have been privileged to watch live games in every round of these playoffs, so far. I even made my way to San Jose for Game 4, but I wasn’t alone. I shared that experience with about 6000 other Canucks fans who made the journey. Although the palm trees were abundant, the weather was warm and it felt like I walked into a western movie in certain parts of town, it felt like a home game with all the Canucks fans there.  Prior to the game, many of us met on San Pedro Street, also named “Sharks Avenue”, to congregate and march to the HP Pavilion together.  At the arena, we took over the lower bowl for the warm-up and were chanting “Go Canucks go!”. We sang “O Canada” like we were north of the 49th and we chanted and sang throughout the game when our boys make it a final of 4-2. I felt like I was in Vancouver…south.

Canucks Nation

Canucks Nation invades San Jose - Photo Credit: Justine Galo

Although I didn’t attend Game 5 in person last night, my daughter took my place. When I met up with her and my significant other, I could tell with the look in her eyes that she believed.  It was much to being the same look I had during the 1994 Western Conference Final. She understood what it was that had me love this team above all others.  She was now ‘in love’ with our Canucks more than ever before.

In conclusion, we all are probably still waking up today with a little bit in a dream-like state.  Did that really happen? Are the Canucks for real? Well, yes. It all happened and the Canucks are very much the real deal but as my twitter friend @PabloPenguin74 said to me @Aviewfromabroad it is the first thing I thought as my eyes opened from slumber. For some, it won’t be real until game 1.” He’s right. It won’t feel real until then. So we have a few days to soak it all in, but Game 1 will come and we, Vancouver, as a city and a Canuck Nation, will be heading to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Get ready and buckle up, stay on the wagon, it’s time for the real work to begin.

Our 40th Anniversary puck iced at Rogers Arena's Best Buy Club- Photo Credit: Justine Galo


Justine Galo

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  1. GinosHomeCooking says

    “It hasn’t been an ‘easy’ run, but nothing worth winning is ever easy. I for one, am happy it happened this way.”

    -So the canucks run to lord stanleys ball was not ‘easy’ ? Do the quotations imply that it was it was just a notch more difficult than easy? Just slightly sweat inducing? Is that what fair-weather, bandwagon canucks ‘fans’ have come to believe they deserve and blindly expect? Are you so happy that it happened that way because you faced minor adversity against Chicago? Coming back from 2 games down against Montreal, losing both at home, then subsequently taking 2 on the road in one of the most hostile barns in the league is the type if situation that you can be happy to overcome because it breeds confidence for future obstacles.

    “After going up 3-0 against the Chicago Blackhawks, and seeing that lead slip away, it hurt. And by the time Game 6 came around, I am sure some of us out there lost faith in our boys. In fact, there were even a few out there ( in Twitterverse and the Facebook world) who were going to denounce the Canucks as their team.”

    -This quote further exemplifies the the bandwagonitis, more scientifically known as ‘canuctis maximus bandwagonis’, that inflicts an unhealthy percentage of Vancouver citizens. This pandemic is hereditary and incurable. How are you gonna lose father so quickly in your boys? You don’t have faith in your president trophy winning canucks? Any layman knows the clinching game is the hardest to win, especially against defending cup champs. Denouncing your team would be silly and shameful, but denouncing loungos performance is logical, as he is unreliable in the spotlight. Timmy Thomas doesn’t shake in his boots and knows how to remain poised.

    “It was hard hockey to watch. Not just because the Predators brought a bland brand of hockey to the table, but more because it was frustrating to see many of the Canucks get contained by it.”

    -Pretty bold statement on the style of predators hockey coming from a fanbase that comes in and out like the tide. The invisibleness of the sedins you alluded to occurring against the predators has also existed against the Bruins. They also employed this masterful execution of making players disappear against the bolts big three. I expect the same to occur in the finals series as chara and seidenberg continue to eat up minutes and their opponents will power.

    “Get ready and buckle up, stay on the wagon, it’s time for the real work to begin.


    -Stay on the wagon? Need I say more? It’s gonna be extremely satisfying ending your cup dreams. The next mornings hazy memory of it will not be as satisfying as you recount in this article. Bruins in 6 with a clinch at home for our first cup since ’72.

    P.S. Never end an article with ‘in conclusion’ if you want to be taken seriously as a writer. If it is indeed the last paragraph then we are all well aware that it must be the conclusion.

    P.S.S. The first commenter, donato, and his shameless plug is quite comical. Glad to see your readers care about what you write. Did he pay for that ad space haha?

    • says

      Wow, GinosHomeCooking pretty ballsy of you to come on here with you’re bold predictions hiding behind some lame username. But I digress…

      Speaking of squeaking into the final, let me remind you that we took 6 games to get there, your mighty Bruins took seven. Suffice to say if there had been any penalties called in that game (just amazing the team that employs Colin Campbell’s son didn’t get a single call against them) we’d probably be seeing Tampa Bay in the finals since the Bruins power play pretty much sucks and that’s being generous.

      In and out fan base….ok. Perhaps you should check the consecutive sellouts this team sports. There are bandwagon fans in every city, and I can assure you Justine is not one of them. Her four season tickets in her family can attest to that.

      So brave one, you best hope Mr. Campbell and Bettman’s buddy Jacobs can keep the big bad Bruins out of the box again, because that’s you’re only hope. Home ice is ours and despite the one game we played against each other this season, the Canucks weren’t at full power. Our defense is in tact, the deepest in the league. Our speed is better, and our power play will make you pay.

      Luongo shaking in his boots? Guess you missed the Olympics…fair enough, you’re an American I take it…I can understand why you would forget.

      The West is a faster more talented conference. It’s not a coincidence almost every knowledgeable hockey person is predicting a Canucks victory in this series.

      And before you accuse me of “canuctis maximus bandwagonis” this is my site, and I’ve run it for the last 15 years…and Justine has been around every single one of them.

      So I’m not going to be a pompous clueless ass like you. I’ll give the Bruins a lot of props. They have a good team and it’s going to be a great series…Canucks in seven. Sorry teddy bear.

      • GinosHomeCooking says


        Let me begin first by applauding your removal of Donato’s comment. There is no place for shameless plugs on what I have now come to understand as a serious hockey forum. My name is Andrew but my pseudonym represents the potential 7 course meal that Milan Lucic is about to serve to his hometown faithful. (lame username deserves a lame back-story eh?)

        On a more serious note, I do not believe I criticized the Canuck’s for “squeaking” into the final, I merely contrasted their playoff experience with the Bruins. There was no doubt that after the season Vancouver had they were destined for the cup finals as long as they didn’t self-implode. The Bruins, on the other hand, have had major character questions the past few seasons as well as being perennial postseason pushovers. (excuse me for the alliteration).

        But saying the only reason the Bruins won game 7 versus Tampa is because there were no penalties is a stretch, and more importantly, perpetuating a Colin Cambell-Bruins conspiracy theory is an egregious misconception. It is general knowledge that in winner-take-all games officials are more apt to keep their whistles hanging around their necks. Regardless of sport, I think we can all agree that it is best to let the payers define the outcome of such an important game, and not the officials. While it is rare that no penalties were called, I do not believe that is the only factor that led to a Tampa loss. The Bruins PK has been stellar all year, as well as the Lightening series, barring game 6 in which Tampa scored on 3 straight PP chances to take a stranglehold on the game. (won’t even get the into all the ghost penalties they were calling – you wanna talk conspiracy theory? how about the leagues love of game 7’s, they killed it this year in ad revenue)

        Regarding Luongo, yes he looked good in the Olympics, but we are not discussing International hockey here. He did not have to be great to win Gold with team Canada who was stacked larger than Pam Anderson. He’s going to have to be Godly when facing Boston’s Hulk Line every other night, especially when Horton is netting game winners for fun now it seems. That first line along with our deep second and third lines create a murderous row. It provides Julien so much flexibility that he almost cracks a smile. (which we know would never occur)

        Furthermore, you claim the west is faster, but fail to attribute it to the style of hockey played in that conference. The east is just as strong is the west, but that argument is neither here nor there. Bruins play a controlled defensive hockey game that forces opponents to comply with their standards. While your Canuck’s may be gliding on clean sheets against their western opponents, you will see that ice quickly change to quicksand when they square off against the Big Bad Bruins.

        Lastly, I did not believe I was being “ballsy” by freely speaking on a public forum. I just felt that you Canucks might be bored of basking in your own awesomeness that you needed a refreshing Boston perspective. Maybe having a guest Bruins writer during the finals series wouldn’t be a bad addition to the Corner. Just a thought.



  2. what the canuck? says

    Brian, did you really just pull the Colin Campbell card? Laughing Out Loud. If you happened to have watched the game, there were not many egregious infractions to be called, and those that were borderline, were not called. Which is the way it should be. The game should be decided by the players on the ice, not by the refs. Did you happen to catch the game in which Roloson played the puck outside the trapezoid five feet in front of the ref? Who put his whistle up to his lips, then decides it’d be better not to give the Bruins a 5 on 3. Then as Versus goes to commercial, you can hear the ref as he skates by Rolie, say, “you touched the puck outside the line…” Did Colin Campbell have any influence on that call? (I still can’t believe you played that one, still Laughing Out Loud)

    No, you didn’t go seven games like the Bruins, but that series easily could’ve gone seven. The series W-L doesn’t represent how close it actually was, but i digress. To the real point, the series clinching goal by Bieksa was the flukiest of flukey goals I think I’ve ever seen. No one in the universe knew were that puck was, except Bieksa. He was basically shooting at an empty net.

    Should be a good series. Now go get yourself a slice of Bosto.. i mean Vancouver Pizza..

  3. Justine Galo says

    Good to hear the Boston side of things here on Canucks Corner, but remember it’s “Canucks Corner” of course we write with a bias, and we write for our audience.

    Hope to hear more for you guys throughout the playoffs.

    Go Canucks go!

  4. GinosHomeCooking says

    Bruins Win The Cup!!! What an incredible feeling. How is everyone in Vancouver doing? Looks to me like they are destroying their city right now, very sad to see. I know I predicted Bruins in 6, but I will take Bruins in our 3rd game 7 of the playoffs all day everyday. You all underestimated the Bruins and now hopefully you can respect the resiliency we exhibited. Thanks for you the great series, Vancouver….maybe next year….maybe.

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