A Little Faith, Please

As I have gone on this roller coaster ride in the first round so far in the 2011 NHL Playoffs series between the Vancouver Canucks and the Chicago Blackhawks, all I can say is I am glad it’s coming to an end, one way or another. This series has had the best of times for us Canucks fans in the first three games and the worst of times in the last three games of the series. But I will give credit where it is due, the Blackhawks have fought back to even up the series and bring it to seventh and deciding game. The team who wants it more will be winning the series. No sugar-coating and no excuses; it’s one and done.

I haven’t written a column in a while, and for whatever reason, I feel like putting up a few comments tonight. I could rehash the ‘would’ve, could’ve, should’ve’ angle of this series for the Canucks, but I won’t. There have been more than enough write-ups about that exact topic.  So I’m going to make this my rally cry. My pledge of allegiance to the team that I have been loyal to for 30 years of my life.

The Canucks can win this series, they just need to put their minds, their bodies and souls into this game.  It may take whatever they have left in the tank, but I know they can.  Why? It’s simple, they have been too good all year long and worked too hard to get to this point to give up now.

Last night in Game 6, I saw a team that wanted to win, dictated play for the majority of the game and most of all played for each other. Despite all that, they came up the short end of the stick.  I refuse to believe it will happen twice. I believe they refuse to believe it will happen twice, especially in their own rink.  I am not sure if I can call it destiny but I have had a feeling about this team since the beginning of the season. Call it ‘wishful thinking’ or whatever you want, but I’ve suffered through many heartaches with this team over the last 30 years to doubt this feeling I cannot shake off.

Believe, just like it says! Photo: Wikipedia Commons

If they happen to lose Tuesday, I will have to figure out as to why my feeling was wrong, but that’s for me to figure out. I just want to see a great game between two great teams playing the greatest game on earth. It’s what every hockey fan wants, but as a Canucks fan, I want my team to win…their way. So to the doubters in Canuck land who have their reservations, I ask you all to be like me,along others, who have been long suffering fans to give our team the support they need and deserve.  It may not seem like a lot because we’re not on the ice playing the game, but I want Canucks fans everywhere to unite and cheer our boys on in the final battle of this series.

I am not hoping they seek ‘revenge’ but rejoice in victory.  To me, as a fan, that’s the key to winning the series, playing their game.  The Canucks will play their game, and win like they have done so many times this season.

I don’t have any fancy sports cliches, no ‘motivational’ words of wisdom but I do have faith. So I ask you all, to join me and have a little faith in our Canucks and I am sure they will do their best to deliver.

Cheer loud and cheer proud my fellow Canucks fans, because we are all that seventh man and right now, the boys need us. As fans, that’s what we are supposed to do…believe.


Justine Galo

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  1. Prabh says

    An excellent post J, one with the right attitude and outlook. Leave the doubters and haters aside, I am sure there are many more who will agree with your thoughts here.
    Here’s hoping our team puts out their best game of the series.

  2. peanutflower says

    Excellent post! you need to send this to the Sun and the Province right now so they can post it. Enough with the negativity! I never once thought they were going to lose in the last game, and if Schneider hadn’t wandered around and the Hawks had the penalties they deserved (including no penalty shot…..) they would have won. Tomorrow for sure. I believe too!

  3. trrebbor says

    Canucks fans get off your hands in game 7 and cheer this team to victory. Make the Rogers Arena a hostile place for a visiting team to come and play.( Hostile means support for your team, constant cheering, signing etc not stupidity to the opposite team. Have class). The team needs to know we are behind them and support them so show it by making the Rogers Arena a very noisy place for not only the 20 minutes of each period but in between periods. If anyone needs an example watch an English Premier or Champion League Soccer game and listen to the great support from the fans.

  4. Blackbird says

    Okay, while I want the Canucks to win the Cup, I am going to offer some brutal honesty here.

    We can look back on the last series and say it was one of those Chicago monkey-on-our back kind of things or we can look at what really happened and learn from it.

    What really happened in the last game was we played a team with a lot of heart that wanted to win more than we did and it nearly cost us the ability to move on to round two. I say they wanted to win more than we did because a team that wants to become champion does not surrender a shorthanded game seven-tying goal with less than two minutes remaining in regulation time. Without apology to everyone wearing rose-tinted glasses, always looking on the “up” side while ignoring the problems that keep the team from actually climbing and calling anyone able to offer constructive criticism a “hater,” I believe that a team that gives up that SH goal by Toews is not yet mentally capable of winning the Stanley Cup. This is not to say the team can’t learn because it will have to quickly if it is seriously entertaining the idea of making a legitimate run at the trophy, but it has to take a long hard look into the mirror and ask itself, “What the heck happened?” and then do everything it can to address the problem. It’s not something that should be put behind us so easily, as in we have to start thinking about Nashville now, because the same thing, or the same kind of Canucklehead thing, will happen again and end up costing us. Face it. We got lucky.

    Luongo, take a look at the video of every goal you’ve let in this year and tell me how many have come with the cresting orca pressed flat against the ice while you’re flopping your arms up like flippers, a beached whale who can only watch the puck drift over his head and into the net. I know your goalie coach probably told you some crazy stat like 75% of all goals are scored low but that doesn’t mean that once you go down you have to stay there. Get up for God sakes. I can’t count how many times I’ve said “GET UP!” before watching a puck sail in a couple of inches above your mask which is almost flat on the ice like your belly. Up, down, up, down, up, down. Don’t be lazy! I know you’re part of the best goalie duo in the league but WE CAN BE BETTER.

    Guys, we want to win don’t we? Let’s not rest on our laurels. Let’s improve!

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