Best Canucks Memory: Share yours to win a signed Dan Hamhuis jersey!

I’m back from Vegas and while I left all my money there, it doesn’t mean I need to be as stingy as a slot machine, so we’re having a contest!

With the Canucks celebrating their 40th anniversary season, there are many memorable Canucks moments that fans can recollect. Some may be game related, some may not be but everyone has one.

To celebrate those moments we asked our writers to give us their favourite Canucks moment, and we’re asking you to do the same. In return for your input and a couple of other criteria you’ll get a chance to win a signed Dan Hamhuis jersey, courtesy of and the Vancouver Canucks.

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We’ll run this contest for a couple of weeks and then choose the winners via a random draw. Good luck! favourite Canucks memories

Brian Wawryshyn

My favourite Canucks memory is as a kid, hanging out on the bowels of the Pacific Colosseum. My dad would take us down after a game and we would wait for the players to come out of the dressing room to sign our autograph books. Just a wide eyed kid who was in awe of players like Stan Smyl, Thomas Gradin, Harold Snepsts, Bill Derlago, Rick Lanz and many others. It was a different time, when players were more accessible, and they would walk out of the dressing room past waiting fans. It was the beginning of my life as Canucks fan, and I’ll never forget it.

Justine Galo

Yes, this has got to be most memorable moment. My then three year old daughter was hooked on hockey. It was great to see her cheer for our boys and see her reaction to the crowd and take in the atmosphere of a hockey game. She got her hot dog, her drink, her Canucks shirt and she was all set and very happy. Passing on the love of hockey to my child to me is my most fond memory. It’s wonderful to know that she can share something I am so passionate about.

Yeah those are some pretty big memories for me as a hockey fan, and especially a Canuck fan. I just wanted to share them with you all out there. Remember why you love this team and why you love hockey. It’s beyond what goes on in the game.

Jason Kurylo

My family was not rich by any means, so Vancouver Canucks games even back in the day were stretching the household budget. Also, my dad had long since tired of the bloody knuckled fisticuffs of the Broad Street Bullies and the Big Bad Bruins. My mom knew how much I loved hockey, though, and saved pennies to take me to one game for my birthday every year. Thus, my favourite Canucks memory is actually a collection of games over the years, always in February, and usually that game was against those very same Boston Bruins.

Back in the 70s, the Canucks were perennial also rans. They were our team, you know – the Dunc Wilsons, Don Levers and Ron Sedlbauers. Later, the Harold Snepsts, Stan Smyls and Thomas Gradins. But most years there wasn’t much to cheer for come springtime. So people here were Canucks fans in the regular season, but we had a playoff team. Mine was Boston. I was too young to see Bobby Orr play in person, sadly – but I did see Rick Middleton, Terry O’Reilly, Jean Ratelle, and my favourite goalie to this very day, Gerry Cheevers. Every year, I got to see NHL hockey for my birthday – my two teams – and it was a special night out for this young lad and his mom. The Bs really were big and bad – and the Canucks offered up fists and lumber to match: Snepsts, Smyl, Curt Fraser, Tiger Williams, Ron Delorme, even Colin Campbell. (Yes, that Colin Campbell.) Games usually wound up with the Bruins winning, but along the way there were as many players in the penalty boxes as on the benches. It was all a nine-year-old boy could hope for.

One year, Stan Smyl took a slapshot from centre ice that was so hard, it got stuck in the Boston goalie’s skate. The referees, the players, even Stan himself had no idea where the puck was for a good 30 seconds. At that time, there was no instant soft rock streaming through overly loud speakers. The organist was too curious as to the puck’s location to play anything. The whole arena buzzed over the mystery – “Huh?” “Wha–?” “Where’d it go?” Finally when the puck was located, everyone in the building had a good laugh as the organist finally gained his senses and played a Vaudeville rag.

Today I can’t stand the fisticuffs in the game. Okay, if two talented players get pissed off at each other and throw down the mitts, fine. I just have no time for full-time enforcers, players with hands of stone who line up at centre ice and choreograph fights before the puck is dropped. As much cement as they had between their ears, guys like Williams and O’Reilly could genuinely play the game. Old-time hockey, it was, and it holds a special place in my heart.

James Edgington

Whilst I have witnessed through magic of television some amazing Canucks moments, I am confident my best and most memorable Canucks experience is yet to happen. This will be when I have the opportunity to indulge 1st hand the atmosphere, energy and pride in standing shoulder to shoulder with fellow Canucks fans. Solidifing my long distance passion for the team.

Living in England and enduring the minuscule coverage of the NHL and hockey, I am sorry to say that I missed the defining Canucks moments such as the ’82 and ’94 cup runs and have been unable to witness many of the great Canucks players.  The UK launched it’s fourth TV channel in 1982 and this was the only channel to show over seas sports.  Sadly hockey wasn’t included in this.

That said, to date my proudest memory as a Canucks fan was seeing my beautiful new born little girl sporting a Vancouver Canucks baby grow.  She’s now two and a half and with little to no encouragement will pick up anything hockey stick shaped and pretend to skate.  I’m sure every Dad will identify with the chest swelling emotion of sharing their sport with their child.  So no, I have yet to experience the Canucks 1st hand but I know that when I do, one of the fellow Canuck fans standing there, will be my little girl.

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  1. says

    My favorite Canucks moment has to be my first live Canucks game as a kid. My dad gave me 3 tickets for Christmas (one for me, one for him, and one for my uncle), and we went and saw a game against the Calgary Flames on Boxing Day (some time in the mid-80’s. The Canucks lost 4-2, if I recall, but from that moment on, I was hooked. Even after moving away from Vancouver, I’m a fan from away (Ontario), and still watch pretty much every game.

  2. says

    My favorite Canucks moment has to be Game 3 of the Canucks-Blackhawks series last year. Although we lost that game and the series, it was the first time I’ve seen a live game and it was amazing. The atmosphere was amazing. I was blown away from the Canadian anthem to the end of the game. Everyone was cheering, everyone was loud – it was surreal. We scored a couple goals that game, and the towel waving was such a spectacle to watch. Unbelievable. No wonder why Vancouver has the best fans in the world.

  3. Ken says

    My favorite Canucks moment had to have been Game 1 of the 2007 playoffs against Dallas, the first playoff game our family went to as half season ticket holders. From the start when all the Canucks from the ’82 playoff run came out, until about 6 hours later when Henrik scored in the 4th overtime to win, it was a memorable game.The tough part though was waking up the next morning and heading to class on almost no sleep.

  4. Jon says

    Has to be game 1 vs Dallas that went to a million overtimes. It was funny the next morning cuz u can tell who are Canucks fans by the bags under their eyes. Close 2nd to jovo jumping in the penalty box after a goal was scored

  5. Justin Montero says

    I remember when my dad surprised me with a Ryan Kesler home jersey for my birthday. When the 2010 playoffs came, i wore it every time the Canucks won at school, and I was joined by many Canucks fans wearing their jerseys.
    The day after the Canucks were eliminated by the Chicago Blackhawks, I was the only one still wearing my Ryan Kesler jersey. As humiliating as it was, I had pride in being the only one brave enough to wear Canuck colours in the midst of defeat.

    When the Canucks facebook calender contest came, I decided to join. Wearing my Ryan Kesler Jersey and posing inside my room, I ended up winning the Contest, and joined my heroes inside the 2010-2011 calender.

    I’ve been a Canucks fan for 11 years. 2010 is my best Canuck memory for these two reasons. Hoping that my new favourite memory will be June 2011, and this time at school I’ll be joined by many who are proud to be a Canuck fan.

  6. Sharon says

    The best Canucks memory I have is going to my first playoffs game. It was game 3, Canucks vs Ducks in 2007. A friend and I heard about last minute tickets and decided to splurge on lower bowl seats that neither of us could really afford, but didn’t want to pass up. The atmosphere in the building was electric – everyone was waving their towels with pride, and the noise was deafening. I had chills from the moment the lights went down until a few minutes after the game had started. Sadly the Canucks lost that game, but despite that I had a phenomenal time. I’ve been a fan of the Canucks since I was a kid, and it was so thrilling to go to a playoffs game in our home arena. It’s an experience I highly recommend for any hockey fan – nothing beats a playoffs game, even if your home team loses!

  7. Annie Zhang says

    My favorite moment was probably by far the dallas 07 game1! I wasn’t a huge fan at that time, and I remembered trying to stay awake and it was midnight by the time the game had finished!
    Another of my faves was last years series against the kings, and all the great saves made my Lu. The most spectacular save from him was the one where he was lying on his back.

  8. Kyle says

    My favourite memory was my first live Canucks game with my dad. I never grew up with my dad but I would see him a few times a year. He took me to a Devils – Canucks game a long long time ago. My greatest memory of that game was the fact that during warm up we were on the devils side of the ice and Scott Stevens rang one off the cross bar and it came right over to our section and my dad jumped back a couple rows, reached at a guys feet and grabbed it. After the game even though the Canucks lost 2-1 we went trying to find a way to get that puck signed by Stevens but to no avail. I know most of this story is about the Devils, but it is one of my greatest memories of the Canucks as well.

  9. says

    So to add another one here, although it’s not to count :), one of my favourite Canucks moments was seeing the Russian Rocket for the first time vs the Jets. Wow, he was electrifying to watch. And for a few more years seeing him play his best hockey in Vancouver was not only a treat but in my opinion, an honour to watch a superstar for the first time in a Canucks uniform.

    • says

      Justine, that first game of Bure’s was something else, wasn’t it? He zipped around Randy Carlyle like the Norris Trophy winner was the rookie & Bure the wiley veteran. He didn’t score that game, but damn did we take notice. Pretty much everyone in Vancouver sat up, looked at each other, and said, “Wow. We’ve actually got a real, live superstar on our team.” It was the first time in team history our spot at the All-Star Game wasn’t a pity nomination, y’know, just because every team has to have a representative on the ice.

  10. @jonbreisnes says

    My favorite Canucks memory is as a kid, haunting the exit doors of the Pacific Coloseum. Finally figuring out where the players came out and standing out in the post game frenzy waiting for an autograph or two. The best that I remember was being absolutely convinced that it was Trevor Linden coming towards us… as we headed up to him, he said “No no no guys! I’m Jamie… Trevor’s brother! My autograph will only wreck that card…”

    To this day… I’m not entirely convinced it wasn’t Trevor… but of course, #16 wouldn’t have lied to a couple kids, so I should probably let that little nagging bit of doubt go. 😉

    • says

      Jon, this is priceless! I’m sure if you told that story to Trevor he’d have a good laugh over it.

      I remember one game we were hanging out after a game, waiting for our ride – I was about 17 at the time, so it was 1988? We started talking to this one young woman who was also waiting, a little ways from where the players were signing autographs. Suddenly Troy Gamble bolted from the crowd of kids, straight for us – he thought we were trying to pick up his girlfriend! LOL

  11. Kent Basky says

    My favorite Canucks memory is the first time I took my son to a game. My daughter-in-law’s father gave us his tickets, for a game against Nashville. I put the tickets into a giant box, weighted full of things that would make lots of noise when he shook them on Christmas Day. The look on his face when found the envelope inside the box was the best! The seats were 6th row by the faceoff dot in the Nashville end. Luongo got a shutout as the Canucks won 2-0, and I got to share a special moment with my son. I will never forget it.

  12. Sarah Bernier says

    My favourite Canucks memory was watching the Canucks first game of the 2010-2011 season, October 9th, 2010 against the LA Kings with my 6 month old daughter, Sophie, all decked out in her pink & white Canucks gear. She was quite taken with the players, watching intently as they skated back & forth on the ice. Even though it resulted in a loss for our Canucks, it is one the best memory I have as sadly, 5 days later, Sophie passed away after a short battle with Meningococcal Septicaemia. She always was & always will be my little pink hockey princess who loved watching her big brother & big sister play hockey just as much as watching the Canucks! She was born to be a Canucks fan as the day she was born the Canucks beat the Ducks 4-1 (March 24th, 2010). I have a picture of her in all her white & pink Canucks gear, but do not know how to add it here…

  13. joe pratte says

    many years ago, i adopted babe pratt as my dad…..we wrote back and forth, he even lined up tickets for my son and i to come down and go to a canuck’s game…..but we had never met…one year, babe came to smithers to speak at a sportsman’s dinner….after supper, i got up to go to the washroom, the mayor who was sitting beside babe, motioned me over and said to babe… smithers, we have our own babe pratt, meet joe pratte….babe immediately jumped up and said,oh, i know joe pratte and he shook my hand….seeing the mayor’s face drop, priceless….playing ball with andy bathgate and larry popien was pretty big too.

  14. Kevin says

    Back in 2003, the Canucks were in the first round playoffs with the Blues. Just before the series started, my father had passed away. I was pretty depressed about it and even more so when the Canucks were down 3-1 in the series. I had made a friendly wager to a season ticket holder that I will buy the Game 7 tickets from him if the Canucks came back – he was convinced that the Blues will win the series. Well the Canucks stormed back to force a game 7 and I won the tickets for my very first playoff game. It really helped me recover from my depression after my father’s passing by enjoying the Canucks win game 7 vs. the Blues and to celebrate in downtown with other Canucks fans. That will be my best Canucks memory forever!

  15. says

    My favourite Canucks memory is one of the reasons I’m even a Canucks fan today. It was 2004, and only my second playoffs as a Canucks fan. Basically it was my one-year anniversary with the team.

    I was surrounded by the same guys who introduced me to the Canucks the years before, cold beers in hand, crowded close in the living room after a long day at work. The Canucks were down 2-1 to Calgary in game 7, but the Canucks were on the PP with less than 30 seconds left in the third period. Then Jovo takes a penalty, and our hearts sink to the bottom of our stomachs.

    The clock ticks away and we’re so nervous we don’t make a sound. We can’t. It’s physically beyond us to do anything but stare.

    Naslund gets the puck and skates off. 10 seconds left. Nine. Eight. He shoots. It doesn’t go in.
    Then from behind comes Matt Cooke, who picks up the rebound and shoots the puck over Kipper’s head.

    We spring up from the couch in disbelief, and the silent basement erupts in hoarse screams and a mass of jumping hugs.

    Jovanovski is thrashing around in the penalty box, throwing himself against the glass and screaming. I begin to cry in a shock of happiness. Everyone’s going insane in the audience, in Chris’ living room and across the province.

    That is my favourite memory so far as a Canucks fan, and even though we lost in OT, it was that moment that brought so many fans together in an indescribable moment of utter happiness and celebration, one that hasn’t been felt in B.C. until Sidney Crosby scored against the US in the Olympics. It was one of those moments that any Canucks fan can describe, and since I don’t have 1994, I have 2004. And that memory is a glorious one.

  16. joe pratte says

    my fondest memories were watching orland kurtenbach going toe toe with anyone dumb enough to drop their gloves; watching the steamer skate through brick walls to get to the puck; witnessing trevor linden’s heart and being in awe of the skating and passing skills of paul reinhart…..watching this team, from their days in the pacific coast league to the western hockey league to the nhl and to this present day, has given me great memories..even though they never won the stanley cup….maybe this year.

  17. says

    My favourite Canucks moment was being in the stands for Trevor Linden’s final game. Sure the Canucks got walloped by the Flames 7-1, but I’ll choose to put that little fact by the wayside for the moment.

    From even before the first whistle, the crowd was cheering him on. It was never said in the media, Linden never mentioned it in any press release or any interview, but everyone knew that he was hanging them up after that game. The crowd was electric every time he touched the puck, in hopes that he would score a goal in his final outing.

    As the players lined up for the third period, Linden took the ice. Without a bulletin being shown on the big screen, without saying anything to your neighbour in the stands, everyone just stood and cheered, as loud as I had ever heard a Canucks crowd before. Nothing needed to be said, everyone just knew.

    Then the final whistle went and nobody wanted to leave. Linden did his laps, waving to the crowd knowing that he wouldn’t be back on that ice in that jersey again. If he had stayed on the ice for 4 hours, the crowd would have stayed with him. Nobody wanted him to leave, but we all knew he had finished a wonderful career.

    THAT is my favourite Canucks memory.

  18. says

    My favorite Cancuks memory was my first year living in Vancouver buying a multi-game ticket pack to see them. It was great to be finally living in a city with an NHL team, and while we didn’t go very far in the playoffs that year the spirit in GM Place was always great and I loved being a part of it, even in a small way.

  19. Thomas Hudon says

    Growing up in frigid northern Ontario, rarely did I ever have the chance to see my beloved Canucks live in action. Then came along the 1992-1993 hockey season. The Canucks were playing in Toronto on a Thursday in February and the next day in Buffalo. When I saw these games on the schedule my eyes light up. All I wanted for Christmas was tickets to one of these games. Christmas of 1992 rolled around and we were spoiled that year. I remember getting my Canucks jersey personalized with a #10 Bure on it, a Russian made Bure autographed stick, a sweet Canucks hat and a Canucks winter coat. I was spoiled that Christmas, but that was for other reasons I would rather not discuss. Despite all those sweet gifts, the best one was yet to come. Mom had ordered 4 tickets to the Canucks and Sabres game in February. Finally I would be able to see my Canucks, a full 7 years after the last time I saw them.

    Now a family trip to Buffalo in the dead of winter may not seem like the greatest thing in the world, but more was to come. When I received the tickets, I was discussing how I would like to go to the practice and perhaps meet some players. Apparently this struck an idea with mom. Without telling us, she wrote a letter to the Canucks coach, Pat Quinn. My mother explained to Pat that we were coming from a long ways (it’s about a 9 and a half hour drive from Timmins to Buffalo when not fighting the elements) and it would cap off the perfect Christmas gift if, her son Tommy, could meet a couple of his favorite Canuck players, namely Pavel Bure, Trevor Linden and Kirk McLean.

    A few weeks later, Pat Quinn responded to my mother, telling her that we could either show up at practice or after the game to meet the players. Now THIS was the perfect Christmas gift! February could not have come any sooner and we made our way to Buffalo.

    The big day had arrived, and we made our way to the old Aud. We were to try and find a fellow named Steve Tambellini (who I had not known of at the time) and he would escort us in to the room. When we arrived at the arena, the Sabres were practicing first. My brother and I were running around the arena, going from end to end in awe whenever we’d see a player we could get close to. Security had been chasing us and finally caught up with us when we stopped to talk to John Muckler. He was in the stands taking notes. Security tried taking us out, but Mucks said we were with him. He let me try on his Stanley Cup ring as well. We sat with Muck while the Canucks took the ice helping him scout the competition. Finally our dad waved us over and pointed out Geoff Courtnall to us. Dad even had a story to tell us. While he was in the washroom taking a leak, all he could smell was a cigar. He looked over to his right and there was Pat Quinn! My dad said “Holy shit, Pat Quinn! What are you doing here?” To which Quinn responded with “Taking a piss. What about you?” My dad then told him who he was and Pat said he would set things up for us.

    So the family was gathered and we were brought into the Canucks change room. The deal was we were to meet Linden and Bure. McLean was given the night off because he was lit up by them pesky Maple Leafs. Cliff Ronning walked by and he got a kick out of my hat. Bure signed some cards and my jersey and took off. He wasn’t too talkative. Linden came around and was more that we traveled all that way to see them, then I was amazed to be in the hallway of the Cancuks dressing room. After a chatting for about 10 minutes, I noticed Petr Nedved torching his stick. This caught my attention and Linden brought me over. He told Petr to show me how to torch a stick. From there, Linden brought us in the room where the rest of the team was getting undressed. He told my dad, my brother and I to take our time and meet everyone. Linden, Quinn and the rest of the coaching staff sat in the coaches room having coffee with my mom. I entered the dressing room and every player greeted us. I spent most of the time chatting with Dave Babych and Ryan Walter. They seemed to be enjoying this more then I was (not to say I was loving every minute of it). I must have spent about an hour in that dressing room, getting all the players to sign my cards. The team showered and went on their way as the family regrouped and went off to lunch. That night the Canucks beat the Sabres 3-1.

    It was a great game. I also got to meet a few Sabres that day, namely Grant Fuhr, Philip Boucher, Donald Audette and Alexandre Mogilny. Dominik Hasek snubbed me for an autograph, but I really didn’t care that much since Donny Lever (then assistant coach of the Sabres and a Timmins boy who even went on a date or two with my mom) came over and hooked us up with an autograph alone with Audette and Boucher’s. I still have them all on the same puck.

  20. Steve_May says

    I grew up listening to Canucks games on the radio – when I was 11 – I got to go to my first ever game at the Coliseum

    I remember being concerned Gary Bromley was starting (and not Glen Hanlon – my favourite at the time). And my fears were confirmed when Bromley gave up 3 goals in the first. But – the Canucks came back with three of their own in the 2nd. The third was exciting – but no goals – and the Canucks left with a win against a pretty good flyers team.

    I remember enjoying the sounds and sights – but missing the call of Jim Robson. I also learned to pay close attention so I didn’t miss a goal (no replay screens back then).

    It was fun to be there with my dad and enjoy the game. And I always had a stronger respect for Gary Bromley after that too.

  21. Andrew carter says

    I was staying at my grandparents house in Oliver bc during the 1994 cup run. I was 7 years old and didn’t follow hockey. As the spring progressed the playoffs started. My grandmother was a big hockey fan . I wasn’t into hockey until I watched game 7 against the flames. I remember she let me stay up to watch the overtime and I vividly remember bure flying in and scoring the over time goal. From that moment on I was hooked and a Canuck fan for life. I watched all the playoff games with my grandmother that spring right until the finals. Il never forget that spring and il always have my amazing grandmother to thank for making me a Canuck fan.

  22. Tyler MacDonal says

    One of the first games I went to as a kid was vs the Avalanche. I remember that I was with my dad and we saw some Canucks fans at the game with their shirts off and had “AVS SUCKS” painted on their chest. Wondering why they were being so mean, I started to cry. After witnessing such a sight, I was not in a good mood, until the game started. It was there that I found my passion. Althought I may not have realized it then, it was still the start of something great.

  23. Dan Christensen says

    The ’94 run to the SC finals is my favourite memory. Too many heroes to recount, too many close calls in the finals. Nathan LaFayette soo close!

    Here’s looking to a better result in 2011!

  24. Steve B says

    My favourite Canucks memory was watching the ’94 playoffs. I wasn’t old enough to go to Vancouver on my own and couldn’t afford tickets anyway. When the first round started, my older brother and I hung a few pieces of our Canucks periphenalia in our living room. As the playoffs continued, we kept finding any Canucks items we possibly could. By the finals, our family’s living room was a shrine to our favourite team in the world. We watched every game from the exact same spot and lived and breathed Canucks for the entire playoff run. It was the most amazing experience watching those games with my family and cheering the Canucks on. I can’t wait to have that experience again!

  25. Mike C says

    My favorite memory had to be the 94 cup run. I was in grade 9 at the time and I was in a junior high drama production. I will never forget being in the play and being back stage waiting for my scene about to come up and listening to my portable radio at a very low volume. The game was against Calgary in the first round and i was stuck not able to watch it at home on TV. I was so enthralled with the events of the game while listening to the radio that i missed the first section of the scene i was in. Because i was hidden behind back stage, no one could find me and they went on and ad libbed the scene without me. They thought i was in the washroom sick (that’s what i told them) but i got to hear the call on the winning goal!

  26. Chris says

    My best Canucks memory has to be my most recent one. When the Canucks played the Oilers in Edmonton on November 2nd. Living in Alberta and having 2 young children I haven’t been able to get out to any games in the past 3 years, my last being 5 years ago in Vancouver. I loved the over all atmosphere of being the fan of the opposing team, being chirped at and chirping at Oilers fans. I met many great Canucks fans as well, some who I still keep in contact with. Raffi Torres scored 3 goals that game, which is amazing in itself. I even bought an Oiler’s fan his beer because his team was losing to my team. It was a great game and great win to have as the away teams fan. I doubt Ill get to go to another Canucks game for a long long time so the memories of that one will definitely stick with me.

    The absolute best part of that night had to be when I was waiting for the train home and up the stairs comes my idol: John Shorthouse. I got to talk to him for a good 10 minutes about the Canucks, Trevor Linden, Tom Larscheid and how his voice reminds me of happier times and being in Vancouver. He responded with “I guess I’m the soundtrack of your life”. That is something that will always stick with me. John Garrett was there as well of course, but he just kept laughing at me.

  27. Jason Dunphy says

    I remember when the first year the Sedin’s joined the team. I was 11 years only and just getting into hockey. The Sedin’s came into a Save-on Foods in Port Coquitlam back in 1999 for autographs and pictures. I may have only been 11 but i thought it was sooo awesome that NHL superstars were in my city and i was able to meet them. I went with my mom, dad and sister to meet them and get pictures with them. I never thought that one day those 2 would become the backbone of the canucks franchise. They were so awesome to meet!

  28. Lara Coelho says

    My favorite canucks memory was when I was 15. I completed my work experience working with the canucks Olympia driving crew! the best part was getting to watch the canucks play the Tampa bay Lightning from just in front f the Zamboni gates!!!!! I remember Bieksa scoring and me jumping up and smiling! it was one of the most amazing experiences in my life!

  29. Jeff says

    Last season, when the Canucks played the Leafs in Toronto. They went down 3-1 going into the third, and during the intermission, I told every Leaf fan surrounding me, which was behind the Leaf net, the Canucks will come back to win. Not only did they live up to my prediction, Razor got the win against the former team. Not the best memory in Canucks history, but mine of all the games I’ve been to live.

  30. Nicole Syme says

    My favorite Canucks memories come from when they played at the Coliseum. My Dad took me to a couple of games even though he wasn’t a big hockey fan but I was! In ’94 I was 12 and my brother was 8 we were aloud to stay up late to watch all the games. When the Canucks left the Coliseum they had a skate and lunch for the full time employees of the PNE, my Grandmother worked there so we got to go. It was so exciting to skate on the ice that the Canucks played on! And at the Lunch Trevor Linden (my favorite Canuck) was there! Watching his last game was so emotional for me, my boyfriend isn’t a huge hockey fan so he didn’t really understand why I was sitting on the couch bawling my eyes out! And then the same emotions again when his number was raised to the rafters. So many great memories to come as he is now a full Canucks fan and no matter what the Canucks are my team!

  31. bleedcanucks says

    My favorite Canucks memory was during the 2004 playoff series against Calgary. I grew up in Calgary and hence hated the Flames almost as much as I love the Canucks. I remember watching the game with my Dad and Brother. When Jovo took the penalty in front I was sure the game was over and couldn’t bear to watch the time tick of the clock. I buried my head in a towel I had been feverishly waiving during the game and stopped watching. I didn’t even see the Cooke goal happen but jumped up screaming when I realized what had happened. For a moment my brother Dad and I were so happy and believed the Canucks had dodged their bullet and were on the way to cup. Sadly we all know what happened next…

  32. Adam Clark says

    My favorite memory was in 1992, I was in grade 7 (In kelowna) and got called to the principals office one morning. I got there and the principal said to grab my stuff because my dad was going to pick me up in a few minutes to take me to the canucks game that night. A fellow colleague of his had called and couldn’t go. So he took me instead to sit in a corporate seat at the Pacific Coliseum. Highlights included a Pavel Bure break away goal from center ice in. Was a great day with my dad and a great game.

  33. steve Trojanoski says

    best memory for me was 82 cup final. I was 21 and I had season tickets but because we had not done anything in the playoffs in the past, 4 of us decided to go to Hawaii for 4 weeks which meant we would miss round 4 and final. Me and my friends had to go to pub after pub trying to find someone who would agree to play the game on the big screen. For the first game in Chicago there were only 4 of us in the place but bye game 4 word got around and the place was packed, the owner was over joyed because it was 1pm in the afternoon there time. We watched all the games in semi and first 3 in final.I got home in time to go to game 4 where I saw NY lift the stanely cup.I only got to attend 4 games in that run up to the final but I will never forget it.

  34. says

    It has to be my first game at GM Place. I was kind of still slightly shell shocked that I was there at all. I had inherited some money, and used it to come over to Canada at short notice, a country I had only ever dreamed of being able to visit from England….just me and my 5 year old little boy took the 2 week trip.

    Our first game was vs Phoenix and to add to the sense I was dreaming, we were sat right behind Wayne Gretzky!

    It was an amazing night. Oh yes, and we won :)

    We followed the team around for the two weeks, taking in games in Calgary and Edmonton too.

    I’ll probably never be able to afford to do it again, but I’ll always have the memories of a perfect fortnight.

  35. says

    My favorite Canucks Memory was during the 2007 playoff series against Dallas. It was Game 4 and in the third Period. The Canucks were leading 2-1 with 2:33 left of the third period. Dallas Almost scored through,but Willie Mitchell saves Luongo and the canucks with a goal line diving stick save. From then on Willie Mitchell was my favorite player.

  36. Kay Cheng says

    Being a young Canucks fan back in 04, it was the first time I got to experience heavy playoff fever from the entire city. The rivalry between the Canucks and the Flames had hit the boiling point and we’d lost Bertuzzi and Cloutier earlier on in the season: two key parts to the team’s success. But after watching Brendan Morrison’s clutch goal in triple OT, I knew, even being as young as I was that I would not miss a single second of the ensuing Game 7.

    I remember gulfing down my dinner and rushing to the television. I remember restlessly pacing around my television as Calgary and Vancouver exchanged momentum. I remember jumping up and down when Cooke scored to answer to Iginla’s opening tally, and feeling like all the air had been punctured out of my lungs when Iginla scored again to give the Flames the lead.

    But most of all, I remember being the only one in my family still glued to the television even as Alex Auld had left the bench, giving the Canucks the extra attacker, and Jovanovski being blown down in front of the net for cross-checking. The face-off came outside and so did the rest of my family. They left the living room but my heart still paced. It wasn’t over yet, it couldn’t be.

    Then Iginla scrambled to the puck, backhander from the blueline towards the empty net. “Debris on the ice,” screamed Cuthbert. Iginla falls, Naslund with his speed, 10 seconds to go, he takes the puck to the net, and Matt Cooke is there! I remember seeing that little back fleck bounce around behind Kiprusoff. And the rest was history. I screamed. I flung my arms up in the air. My family came dashing back in. Tears in my eyes. Heart pounding. Elation.

    it was simply the best Canuck hockey moment I or any Canuck fan could ever ask for. Not even the Gelinas tally could take that away from this city, and away from that special place in my heart.

  37. says

    My best memory and the only one was when I was in Canada doing my exchange program (I’m from Brazil), I was 14 yeard old… exactly 2 years ago. My host sister won 2 tickets to go to “The Vancouver Canucks Superskills” and she invited me to go with her. It was a great “game”, very fun… something that I could never see here in Brazil. After that, I became a fan of the Canucks, especially Lluongo, the one who “protects” the whole team .It was such a great experience that will never forget. I hope to watch some others games, of the best hockey team in the world, in Rogers Arena.

  38. Blake says

    As a Canucks fan in Alberta I had seen the Canucks play in Calgary several times over the years, but favorite game was when I finally flew out to Vancouver for my first home game, it was Trevor Lindens last and I am glad I made it , unfortunatly it was also Luc Bourdon’s last game and Canucks lost 8-1, but watching Linden walk down the tunnel for the last time was a surreal experience. I went to a game the next year and bought a autographed photo of Linden leaving the ice at end of his last game and it is my favorite piece of memrobelia.

  39. Jeremy Zillman says

    Mine is a simple one. For most of my life, I lived in northern Ontario, far, far away from ever seeing an NHL game. Winnipeg had lost its team years before I became a serious watcher, so there wasnt hockey around there.

    Then, I moved to London, Ontario.

    For my birthday last year, I was able to go and see the Detroit Red Wings and the Vancouver Canucks in Detroit. Our boys came away with a 6-2 win that night. I was in awe of seeing a live NHL game, and I didnt think that the night could get any better. But, as we waited for most of the people to leave so we werent pushed out the doors, we walked through the halls of the Joe-Louis arena on the way to the exit, I came across Alex Edler in the hallway, talking to some fans. My wife told me to go over and meet him and I did so. I got to meet one of my favorite players and see an NHL game all on my bday.

    Thanks Alex.

    Thats my fav Canucks momen.

  40. Wesley Schnitzler says

    My best and worst Canucks memories have to do with the trading of Trevor Linden. When he got traded away ibeas only around ten years old but it was the worst. He was my favorite player and I was crushed he got traded. So that set me up for my best Canuck memory: The return of Trevor Linden. Although he was heading towards the later part of his career it was amazing having him back on the team. The alltime greatest Canuck leader was back and I was happy.

  41. MaryAnn Havas says

    My Dad didn’t watch TV except for a few nature shows and the Canucks. He was a huge fan. In 1994 he got to watch his favourite player, Trevor Linden, and the rest of a great crew on their Stanley Cup run. Months later cancer overtook him and we lost him.

    I was always thankful that the last hockey he had watched was that amazing run. – He was so proud of his team. – This is a team to be proud of!

    Go Canucks Go!!!

  42. says

    Easily my favourite #Canucks memory is the first game i went to.

    1988-1989 season, i was in Grade 9 and Trevor Linden was a rookie.

    My friends and i thought it would be fun to watch the Canucks, who were mired in yet another poor season, but we all had love for Linden, who played with heart like we hadn’t seen before. 6 of us went to see the Canucks take on those hated Leafs that night – February 23, 1989. The Canucks had actually won 6 in a row to that point, and had a chance to break the franchise record for a winning streak.

    Troy Gamble was the starting goalie (ATTABOY TROY!) that night. I remember his all white pads, blocker and glove, it’s like they hardly saw any game action! Which they hadn’t, as Troy only played 5 games that season =) Gamble held the Canucks in there, and the game went to overtime.

    In the meantime, the 6 of us were in our Row 2 and Row 3 seats. There was a group of 8 adult Leafs fans right next to us, who were boisterous and loud, and probably had a little too much to drink. Remember, we were in Grade 9, so we were a little intimidated at first, but eventually realized that these guys, like the Leafs, were harmless. But wow did they get the crowd behind us fired up! I was beaned in the back of the head with a full bag of peanuts that someone threw from the upper bowl, meaning to hit those Leafs fans. At first, we were upset, but then .. hey, free food! Haha!

    In overtime, it was only a 5 minute overtime period and no shootouts back in the day, so we expected the game to end in a tie. But the game ended with a Canucks win, when Jim “The House” Sandlak scored the game winner, assisted by Harold Snepts!

    The crowd went nuts, I had never seen anything like it, but remember the feeling. Jim Sandlak and Troy Gamble were in the 3 stars that night. The Canucks extended their win streak to a franchise record 7 games, and were flirting with a .500 record. The Leafs fans next to us didn’t let up though, and a belligerent Canucks fan came all the way down from the upper bowl to throw a punch at one of those guys. Eventually, security broke up the fight, we headed up Renfrew Street and caught the 16 bus on Hastings headed west.

    What a crazy night full of great memories!

  43. says

    Best recent memory is the season opener this year when we played LA Kings. I had seats by the LA net and when Kopitar got knocked into the boards and lost some teeth. You could see the teeth fly out of his mouth. Best recent memory for sure!

  44. Ben Hall says

    My memory is a bittersweet (but still favourite) one from that magical Spring of ’94. Everything was working that year, and it seemed like the Canucks simply couldn’t win from the moment of McLean’s save and Pavel’s breakaway in the first round. When the Canucks eventually beat the Leafs to advance to the Finals three friends and I immediately phoned Ticketmaster and scored some great seats to Game 3 of the Final. When the boys returned home from NY with a 1-1 series tie we were ecstatic, revelling in the fact that destiny had finally shone her face on our team. We went to the game that day with a great deal of confidence. We even brought a banner that said, “NY Is Up The Creek Without A Pavel.” Brilliant. I know it was because everyone told us so pre-game. Game starts and the Canucks jump out to an early lead. Everything was going according to plan until Lady Destiny decided to drop her drawers and show us a full moon. Pavel gets tossed from the game for a highstick. It was a particularly cruel irony which cut right to our hearts as they lost the game and the series. With another figurative kick to the groin, our spray painted bedsheet was forever immortalized by Marv Albert on the official “NY Rangers Stanley Cup Champions 1994” commemorative VHS video. To this day I warn my sons to maintain “cautiousness” amidst their optimism for 2011. That said… Go Canucks Go!

  45. Mike L. says

    I remember meeting Naslund in person quite a few years ago at the Canucks Training Camp in Vernon. I was at the hotel they were staying at and he drove up in a taxi with Marc Crawfor & Dan Cloutier. They got out and I approached them and Crawford & Naslund starting chatting with me and my Dad. It was if I he had known me for many years. He talked to me as if I was a friend and not a stranger. We talked about the upcoming season and how they felt like they had a great team assembled and were going to make big strides that season. It was just nice feeling appreciated from him and Crawford. Some players don’t seem to appreciate the fans but Naslund certainly wasn’t one of them. He was one of the nicest hockey guys I’ve ever met! Was really sad to see him go a few years back but he will always be a Canuck!

  46. Trevor says

    It was 1980, I was 9 years old, and it was my first Canucks game. I was there with my Dad and older brother, and they had a contest where you had to select the team MVP for the Canucks that year. I naturally picked the Steamer, Stan Smyl. To my surprise I won a freezer full of meat from Maple Leaf foods! Not much use for a 9 year old, but my parents were nice enough to “buy” the meat from me :)

  47. valerie says

    my favouritee was our win against the Flames in December starting off with Raymond and Tambellini each scoring a goal and in the end Vancouver ended up wining 7-2 with Raymonds hatrick, Tambellini’s goal and also a goal from Burrows Daniel Sedin and one one from Hamhuis scoring his second goal since the game agains the Penguins


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