Best Canucks Memory: Share yours to win a signed Dan Hamhuis jersey!

I’m back from Vegas and while I left all my money there, it doesn’t mean I need to be as stingy as a slot machine, so we’re having a contest!

With the Canucks celebrating their 40th anniversary season, there are many memorable Canucks moments that fans can recollect. Some may be game related, some may not be but everyone has one.

To celebrate those moments we asked our writers to give us their favourite Canucks moment, and we’re asking you to do the same. In return for your input and a couple of other criteria you’ll get a chance to win a signed Dan Hamhuis jersey, courtesy of and the Vancouver Canucks.

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We’ll run this contest for a couple of weeks and then choose the winners via a random draw. Good luck! favourite Canucks memories

Brian Wawryshyn

My favourite Canucks memory is as a kid, hanging out on the bowels of the Pacific Colosseum. My dad would take us down after a game and we would wait for the players to come out of the dressing room to sign our autograph books. Just a wide eyed kid who was in awe of players like Stan Smyl, Thomas Gradin, Harold Snepsts, Bill Derlago, Rick Lanz and many others. It was a different time, when players were more accessible, and they would walk out of the dressing room past waiting fans. It was the beginning of my life as Canucks fan, and I’ll never forget it.

Justine Galo

Yes, this has got to be most memorable moment. My then three year old daughter was hooked on hockey. It was great to see her cheer for our boys and see her reaction to the crowd and take in the atmosphere of a hockey game. She got her hot dog, her drink, her Canucks shirt and she was all set and very happy. Passing on the love of hockey to my child to me is my most fond memory. It’s wonderful to know that she can share something I am so passionate about.

Yeah those are some pretty big memories for me as a hockey fan, and especially a Canuck fan. I just wanted to share them with you all out there. Remember why you love this team and why you love hockey. It’s beyond what goes on in the game.

Jason Kurylo

My family was not rich by any means, so Vancouver Canucks games even back in the day were stretching the household budget. Also, my dad had long since tired of the bloody knuckled fisticuffs of the Broad Street Bullies and the Big Bad Bruins. My mom knew how much I loved hockey, though, and saved pennies to take me to one game for my birthday every year. Thus, my favourite Canucks memory is actually a collection of games over the years, always in February, and usually that game was against those very same Boston Bruins.

Back in the 70s, the Canucks were perennial also rans. They were our team, you know – the Dunc Wilsons, Don Levers and Ron Sedlbauers. Later, the Harold Snepsts, Stan Smyls and Thomas Gradins. But most years there wasn’t much to cheer for come springtime. So people here were Canucks fans in the regular season, but we had a playoff team. Mine was Boston. I was too young to see Bobby Orr play in person, sadly – but I did see Rick Middleton, Terry O’Reilly, Jean Ratelle, and my favourite goalie to this very day, Gerry Cheevers. Every year, I got to see NHL hockey for my birthday – my two teams – and it was a special night out for this young lad and his mom. The Bs really were big and bad – and the Canucks offered up fists and lumber to match: Snepsts, Smyl, Curt Fraser, Tiger Williams, Ron Delorme, even Colin Campbell. (Yes, that Colin Campbell.) Games usually wound up with the Bruins winning, but along the way there were as many players in the penalty boxes as on the benches. It was all a nine-year-old boy could hope for.

One year, Stan Smyl took a slapshot from centre ice that was so hard, it got stuck in the Boston goalie’s skate. The referees, the players, even Stan himself had no idea where the puck was for a good 30 seconds. At that time, there was no instant soft rock streaming through overly loud speakers. The organist was too curious as to the puck’s location to play anything. The whole arena buzzed over the mystery – “Huh?” “Wha–?” “Where’d it go?” Finally when the puck was located, everyone in the building had a good laugh as the organist finally gained his senses and played a Vaudeville rag.

Today I can’t stand the fisticuffs in the game. Okay, if two talented players get pissed off at each other and throw down the mitts, fine. I just have no time for full-time enforcers, players with hands of stone who line up at centre ice and choreograph fights before the puck is dropped. As much cement as they had between their ears, guys like Williams and O’Reilly could genuinely play the game. Old-time hockey, it was, and it holds a special place in my heart.

James Edgington

Whilst I have witnessed through magic of television some amazing Canucks moments, I am confident my best and most memorable Canucks experience is yet to happen. This will be when I have the opportunity to indulge 1st hand the atmosphere, energy and pride in standing shoulder to shoulder with fellow Canucks fans. Solidifing my long distance passion for the team.

Living in England and enduring the minuscule coverage of the NHL and hockey, I am sorry to say that I missed the defining Canucks moments such as the ’82 and ’94 cup runs and have been unable to witness many of the great Canucks players.  The UK launched it’s fourth TV channel in 1982 and this was the only channel to show over seas sports.  Sadly hockey wasn’t included in this.

That said, to date my proudest memory as a Canucks fan was seeing my beautiful new born little girl sporting a Vancouver Canucks baby grow.  She’s now two and a half and with little to no encouragement will pick up anything hockey stick shaped and pretend to skate.  I’m sure every Dad will identify with the chest swelling emotion of sharing their sport with their child.  So no, I have yet to experience the Canucks 1st hand but I know that when I do, one of the fellow Canuck fans standing there, will be my little girl.

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  1. says

    The best Canucks memory I have is a recent one. My girlfriend (who watches all the games with me at home, aren’t I lucky!) has wanted to go to a game for years. I end up getting invited to games but never am able to get an extra ticket so she is left to watch along at home while I enjoy from Rogers arena. Finally I decided it was time to take her to her first Canucks this January. We went all out, Jerseys on, beer in hand, nachos, pretzels, photos with fin, and a shot with the iconic 50/50 sales person with the blue wig. It couldn’t have been better the seats were great and the Canucks thumped the Stars. I remember going to my first game when I was little and my girlfriend had that same level of excitement and it is just my favourite memory of the Vancouver Canucks! PIC:

  2. Chantelle says

    My fave @VanCanucks memory is meeting Geoff Courtnall when I was 8. During the lockout I went skating with my Dad at the Ducks Unlimited pond near White Rock when we saw him sitting with his buddies.
    My Dad pointed him out but I just couldn’t believe a Vancouver Canuck was there in person. I went over to him and shyly asked if he was indeed Geoff. He smiled and said yes. I then asked him to sign my skate. He didn’t have a pen so my Dad and I rushed (as much as you can rush in ice skates) over to Art Knapps and borrowed a pen (yes they did indeed demand it back).
    I ended up on the ground with my foot in his lap as he signed it. I showed him how I was missing a tooth and he in turn showed me his missing tooth. Earlier my Dad had stepped through the ice and his foot was freezing. Goeff offered to let my Dad & I wait for our ride in his truck to keep warm. He couldn’t have been a nicer guy. It was this meeting that solidified my love of our Vancouver Canucks!
    A couple of years later I met Russ Courtnall at Vancouver Family Carnival and he signed the other skate. I still have them to this day, hanging in my sports room. Sadly though, Russ’ autograph is fading. I need to get it re-signed.

  3. says

    My favourite Canucks moment was my first Canucks game. Moving to Canada in 1999 I’d never heard of ice hockey but once I’d had a couple years to get hooked on Canadian culture I was absorbed by the Canucks. My dad and I had never gone to a game and a relative gave us row 11 lower bowl seats to watch the Caps and the Canucks. It couldn’t have gone better as far as first experiences go. My dad bought me a Todd Bertuzzi shirt which I still have to this day, the Canucks won 6-0 on two goals from Bertuzzi who was my favourite player at the time, and Alex Auld recorded his first career shutout.

    It was just a really special moment I got to share with my dad, something that we don’t get to do a lot.

  4. Kayli Diebel says

    My favorite Canucks memory has to be watching the last regular season game of the 2009/2010 season. Given the great season the Sedins had, I just knew we were in for a real treat for that night. Henrik was currently in a race for the scoring title with Crosby and Ovechkin. Knowing we, Canucks fans, were so close to seeing the Art Ross trophy come to Vancouver for the first time, I prayed the entire game that Hank would win it. Straight out of the gate against the Flames, the Twins came out firing. By the time the game was over, Danny had a hattrick, and Hank had notched 4 points in the 7-2 win over the Flames. Eagerly I awaited the news of Crosby and Ovechkin’s point totals in their upcoming game the next day. Luckily, Crosby fell short and Ovechkin tallied no points. It was official. Hank had won the Art Ross trophy. One half of the Wonder Twins made Canucks history. At the end of the day, I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud to call myself a Canucks fan. Getting to watch the Sedins play every game makes us so spoiled. But to see history in the making during that final game of the regular season was amazing. Nothing will come close. Well, unless Danny does it this year. Or when we win the Stanley Cup. That moment made me realize how much this team meant to me as a person. And that’s why it’s my favorite Canucks memory.

  5. Anita says

    My favorite Canucks memory happened just last season actually. When the 2009/2010 Canucks schedule came out, I realized there was a game against Edmonton on my brother’s birthday. Now, my brother is the biggest Canucks fan I know. He’s the one who got me interested in the Canucks and he taught me everything about hockey. He even chose me to go to a game with him when he got Canucks tickets from his co-workers. Out of all his friends who are bigger Canucks fans than I am, he still chose me to go with him. I definitely wanted to make it up to him. So I decided to buy Canucks tickets for the game on his birthday. I wasn’t made out money but I got the best seats I could afford (upper bowl, around the 4th or 5th row, still a nice view). I initially wanted to surprise him with the tickets like maybe a week before his birthday but ticketmaster decided to ruin that by surprising him a month early. Ticketmaster, for reasons I still don’t know, didn’t put my name on the envelope so my brother thought it was for him and opened it. And as everyone can guess, he was surprised, except I couldn’t see his reaction because I was at school! That part sucked but once it was the day of the game, it didn’t matter anymore. And the game was awesome! The Canucks won 7-3 against Edmonton. I remember Daniel scored his 1st of the season during that game because he had just come back from injury which I thought was pretty cool. And I also remember Raymond scored because my brother was not a fan of Raymond and once he scored I remember asking him “Do you like Raymond now? He scored on your birthday!” and he said, ” Maybe just a little.” but he’s still not a fan of Raymond to this day. And Burrows scored on that game too! Just wanted to say that cause I love Burrows! All in all, it was one of the greatest day of my life. Not only did I get to see the Canucks kick some Oilers ass, I got to experience it with the very person who made me such a fanatic today. I love my brother and I’m happy to call him one of my best friend.

  6. Gabriel says

    My favourite Canucks memory was during the 2002-2003 playoffs when the Canucks lost to Minnesota. Let me explain, I was around seven years old at the time and I was a pretty hardcore core Canuck fan even then. Hearing the old Hockey Night in Canada theme song, relaxing on the couch while watching the good ol’ playoffs. Sure, we got out in the second round, but the Canucks are one of the best teams in the NHL to cheer for and I remember having a good time. P.S. I cried and bawled very much after we lost.

  7. Samir Javer says

    My favourite Canucks memory, without a doubt, was attending the Summer Summit in June of 2010. My aunt had won two tickets for this special event in a draw at her work, and being the great aunt she is, offered me the two tickets, knowing I was a die-hard Canucks fan who had never been to any sort of high-profile event like this. I gladly accepted, as I had just finished my final exams the week before, so it was a great way to kick off the summer. I remember reading over the itinerary and almost dropping my jaw! As soon as my friend and I walked into Rogers Arena, we were welcomed to the sight of both the Hart and Art Ross Memorial Trophies, which had just been won by now-captain Henrik Sedin. We both got some great photos with the trophies and got to touch them, too! Following that, we spectated the Canucks prospects take the ice for an hour-long practice, which was quite entertaining. After that, we were told we would have the opportunity to meet several Canucks management members as well as prospects. We ended up meeting Mike Gillis, Stan Smyl, Jordan Schroeder, and Prab Rai among others. This was very exciting, and I got my brand new jersey signed by many players! After this, it was time for the main event inside the arena. Mike Gillis, Victor de Bonis, Stan Smyl plus many others were in attendance. They addressed the current state of the organization plus the team’s plans for its upcoming 40th anniversary season, including the historic jersey retirement of Markus Naslund’s #19. One of the great surprises of the night was to see the inaugural Canucks captain, Orland Kurtenbach, enter the arena sporting our new 40th anniversary jerseys, which he had just unveiled! Furthmore, new acquisitions Dan Hamhuis and Manny Malhotra made a surprise appearance and walked right past me and my friend! All in all, meeting many members of the Canucks and getting a great understanding of just how well this organization treats and respects its fans was what made this evening so special.

  8. says

    April 5th, 2009 My Mom took me to see the Canucks for my birthday.
    I play Rep Hockey so I don’t get to go to Canucks games usually cause they are really

    My Mom took me early and I was relly excited cause I was there for the warm up.
    But the very best part was….. As people cleared out near the end of the game I asked Mom if I could
    go down near the tunnel to get the pound. She let me…..then Alex Burrows handed me his stick.
    I just held it because I thought he just wanted me to hold it so I didn’t move but my Mom
    said no no he gave it to you!!!!! It was the best night ever. I slept with it fir weeks. I put it on my wall at home for a whole year.

    Then this year I lost my stick I use for hockey. My Mom was upset
    because it was expencive and she couldn’t buy another one right away.  She had just told me to be careful with my sticks but I lost it.

    Mom asked if Alex Burrows is a lefty and I told her yes. She said go get Alex Burrows stick from your  wall! I did and it was cut n taped fir hockey. I was really upset because I didn’t want to wreck it.

    I scored a hattrick that game!!!!! I found my regular stck!!!!! But I never used it again…..I only use Alex Burrows stick and have never used any other stick since. I love the Canucks but havnt been able to see a game since cause Im always skating. I am the highest scorer on my team. I call my stick Alex. I don’t think that Alex Burrows would realize how much action his stick has seen since that day in the tunnel in 2009 and that is my Canucks moment.

    Jackson Myers

  9. Kenny Sharp says

    Even though I missed nearly the whole game, my best Canucks memory had to be game one of the ’94 Stanley Cup Finals.

    At the time, I was in 8th grade and I was playing in the school band. Unfortunately, the series opener happened to fall on the same night as our school’s major Spring recital. Miserable timing! Most of the students were furious at the prospect of missing the game, so you can only imagine how the teachers, staff, and parents felt.

    The puck dropped in New York, and sometime later, the recital began. Seated off to the side were all the various choirs and band ensembles waiting to take their turn on stage. We had a great view of all the parents seated in the bleachers and in the folding plastic chairs carefully arranged around the stage.

    The performance got underway, but the audience seemed a little distracted. Every so often, a handful of parents would let out an untimely gasp, a groan or a stifled cheer. It quickly became obvious that some parents’ attention was not fixated on their darling sons or daughters, but on something else entirely.

    They had smuggled in radios! And with their hands touching their little earpieces like Secret Service agents, they were tuned in to the thrilling play-by-play of Jim Robson. The shelling of Kirk McLean raged on, the audience gasped and shifted in their seats, and the band tooted their way through “Louie, Louie.” The place was about ready to erupt when Gelinas scored late in the third, as the word of his goal spread through the crowd like a lit fuse.

    The recital drew to a close shortly thereafter, and the MC made the announcement to the few remaining members of the audience who were not already aware, that the game was deadlocked at two and the overtime period was underway. Scores of parents, teachers and students suddenly burst out of the gymnasium in search of a functioning television, a mass exodus of Canucks fans, leaving the nonbelievers to clean up and put away the chairs. The mob quickly converged on one of the language labs, and the flautist raced to hook up the set to a cable outlet.

    The volume was turned up as high as it could go allowing others gathered outside the room to hear. As the minutes ticked away, a whole cross-section of the school community, young and old, stood side to side, sweating nervously, cramped together in a room built with far fewer occupants in mind. It was becoming a sauna in there, and the tension was palpable. Captain Kirk stood tall and the prospect of staying in that room for a second overtime seemed inevitable. But just then Leetch stepped in, we all gasped, and CLANG! he rang one off the crossbar! The crowd breathed a sigh of relief as Pavel Bure cleared the zone. The relieved moans turned into murmers, which grew louder as he moved the puck up to Cliff Ronning. It was a clear two-on-one as they entered the Rangers zone. “Come on,” we urged him, as he skipped the puck over to Greg Adams. “Yes…yes…”

    And with that, old Gus Adams ripped a shot past Richter and the crowd went wild, cheers and screams echoing down the empty school hallways.

  10. Kaushik says

    My favourite Canucks memory would be the first time I went to a Canucks game after 6 years. Walking into Rogers Arena (at the time was GM Place) and seeing all the players skating around, the lights flashing, and the music pumping was an experience that made me incredibly stoked for the game. Once the game started and the Canucks scored the first goal, there was nothing like the wave of people that literally jumped out of their seat, wailing both arms high in the air and going “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”. The high fives with the strangers that surrounded me made me realize that the Vancouver Canucks’ fans are the greatest fans in the world! And to top it all off with some delicious icing: the Canucks won!!!

  11. James Wang says

    My fave Canucks memory has to be Naslund Retirement Night a couple months back. I got my tickets off craigslist and they were priced to sell. Balcony middle row 6 for $120 to one of the most special moments in Canucks history? How could I pass! Anyways, the ceremony was just flat out amazing. Seeing Naslund getting his number raised to the rafters was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever witnessed. Rarely do you get a chance to see one of the greatest players in the history of the team be honored like this. It really was special. The way everyone in the building was chanting “Nazzy! Nazzy! Nazzy!” was simply electrifying. While it would’ve been nice to watch our team score a win for Naslund, the night was special enough as it was.

  12. Robert gudljek says

    My best memory was going with my father to a game in the early 90’sit it was in the confines of the great pacific coliseum. It was the last game of the season and it was against the winnipeg jets. Whoever won the game made the playoffs. The game did go into overtime and I still remember my dad telling me that Trevor was gonna score the gwg and soon after he took a pass on the wing and flew into the zone and ripped one past( I think bob esSensa) to win the game and to see the crowd go crazy was an experience that I will never forget especially cause it was one of the few times that I spent with my father…..

  13. Darwin Stump says

    My most memorable moment was actually not seeing a hockey game, but getting an autograph. Years and years ago, my older sister had a canucks cap and she had it for many years, till someone stole it. I heard the sad news while I was in Abbottsford, and just in time, the next day, former player Russ Courtnell was at the local mall signing autographs, so I rushed to the mall, bought an expensive brand new cap for my sister, waited in a line-up, god knows how long, but the thought to surprise my sister, made time seem like 5 minutes. And then it happened, he signed the cap in her name and sent his best wishes on it as well. I returned home and my sister was in tears and over joyed, and she still has the cap today 😀

  14. says

    My favourite Canuck memory would be sitting at home with my nose pressed up against the screen in the spring of 2004, watching game 7 of the Canucks vs Calgary, and while the Canucks were short-handed, having Matt Cooke come in and score with 2 seconds left in regulation to force OT. Even though we ended up losing the game, it was at that moment that I fell in love with the game. Go Canucks Go!

  15. Perry says

    I’m 23 and the earliest memory I have of knowing about the Canucks is in the 1996 playoffs when they lost in the first round to the Avalanche (I don’t even remember the 94 run :( ). After this they went through all those years missing the playoffs, so my favourite memory is watching them clinch a playoff seed for the first time since I actually started following.

    It was a game against the LA Kings and the Canucks needed a win. In overtime Harold Druken scored sending the Canucks to the playoffs! Here is the link:

    What makes this memory awesome:
    1. The goal was scored against Felix Potvin who we had traded to LA. Ever since he got there he had been playing amazing!

    2. It was an overtime winner!

    3. The Canucks were finally going back to the playoffs!

    I will never forget this moment, especially how the team goes wild on the bench after the goal!

  16. Will D says

    The best memory I have of the Canucks is the time that my father took me to my first sporting event ever. I had never been to an arena before, nor a Canucks game. It was Jan of 1997 and we played the L.A Kings. I don’t remember much about the game other than my childhood hero, Pavel Bure, had scored 2 goals that night. My father also bought me a flag, which is still one of my most treasured Canucks items. We won the game that night and it was one of the best times I ever had being a Canucks fan. It was also something nice that I got to do with my father.

  17. nazia says

    / so, we were sitting in Starbucks sipping on our Double Chocolate Chip Fraps (which FYI, was my second frap of the day) just relaxing. As I had no sleep the night before, I’m just zoning out the window not thinking about anything. All of a sudden, a man walks by with an Urban Fare shopping bag. Not thinking that its anybody, as was the case for the entire day, I continue zoning out the window, when the man and I lock eyes. I think nothing of it, and the man goes off on his way. As I watch the man’s retreating profile, it clicks in: that man is ANDREW ALBERTS. //

    /charmaine and I have a quick convo (this was the context):
    Me: Charmaine, that’s ANDREW ALBERTS
    Charmaine: Should we follow him?
    Me: Let’s do it.//

    /so, Charmaine and I grab our stuff, book it out the door and follow him. We take a left, and head straight. At that point, he has a few feet on us, and we contemplate whether or not to approach him and/or what to say. He finally stops in front of one of the condo bulidings, and we decide to make our move. //

    /i shout out: “Andrew! We love you! We support you!” then right after that I hide behind Charmaine. (I hide because i’m pretty sure that he recognizes my voice as the one who always shouts to him and told him and i quote: “ANDREW I VOTED FOR YOU FOR MVP!”) Charmaine starts waving and yells “HI!” At that point, I reemerge frrom hiding just in time to see him put his hand down from the air. Was he waving? No. He blew us a kiss. I managed to miss this part, but when I found out that’s what he did, my first thought was WTF and hysterical laughter.//

    /so then Alberts waits a bit in front of the door, staring at us as if he’s waiting for us to approach him, but we did not. He goes in and we walk by his place trying to keep it in but as soon as we turn the corner, we burst into hysterics. Alberts blowing a kiss? Priceless.//


  18. Dustin whiteside says

    #1 for me has to be the first game I went to at pacific coliseum when I was 10 we were playing the flames and after the game was over there was a bench clearing brawl and shortly after the NHL introduced new rules about bench clearing brawls as a result of that game.

    #2 for me and most Canucks fans has to be Bure’s 1994 triple OT game winner. I could watch this video 100 times and still get chills

  19. Renn says

    I have a lot of great memories but the most recent one was pretty awesome. I just moved away from Vancouver to Calgary and felt pretty bummed about not being able to see the Canucks as much anymore. When the Canucks came to Calgary for the first game this season, naturally, I bought tickets as soon as they were available. I got great seats… behind Kipper’s net so I got a grew view of all the Canucks goals. And there were a lot of goals that night… 7 in fact. It was so awesome standing up and cheering for the Canucks really loudly every time they scored to the dismay of the Flames fans sitting around me. I also captured Raymond’s 3rd goal on video because I was filming the atmosphere at the Saddledome at the time… seeing all the hats rain down for him was awesome (especially since Raymond is one of my favourite players)! 10 minutes left in the 3rd period, practically all the Flames fans left the building, and it was just Canucks fans there.. we had a strong Go Canucks Go cheer going and it felt like being back at Rogers Arena all over again. The 3 stars that night were all Canucks. They came out to salute the fans. It was great to see. Definitely helped with my homesickness :)

  20. Jim C says

    I was a little kid and I was following the 82 run closely. In one of the games, the Canucks were playing the Chicago Blackhawks in an OT game late into the nite. My parents were asleep and I was watching the game by myself, then Jim Nill scored! I was so happy cuz the guy with the same name as me scored. =)

  21. Allison says

    My favourite Canucks memory is of last year’s playoffs. Canucks were down 2-1 in the series to L.A. and down a couple of goals in game 5 before mounting a 3rd period comeback to win the game. Canucks went on to win the series 4-2 and I thought for sure they were going to win the Cup!

  22. Ian Yeung says

    Best canucks memory is when cookie scored the last second goal to take the game into overtime against the Calgary Flames!!!

  23. Taryn D. says

    One of my favourite Canucks memories doesn’t have anything to do with the team on the ice, but with a meeting I had with one of my favourite Canucks back in the day, Brad May.
    I waited in line for over an hour to see him, and when my friend and I finally got to the front of the line (we were about 10 people from the end of the line), my camera decided to be difficult and not work! Brad May could’ve easily just said sorry and gone on to sign autographs for the next fans, but he called over one of the people working the autograph signing and said “these girls aren’t leaving without a picture, find me a camera!”
    I was shocked, but so, so grateful for him for doing this! He was the first Canuck I ever had a chance to meet and we managed to get a photo taken by a helpful fan who then mailed me (it wasn’t a digital camera, this was too long ago!) the photos a week later.
    May represented exactly what this hockey club has come to represent, a great team on and off the ice!

  24. Chris Legg says

    My best memory would have to be watching the 94 cup final on a tiny tv when I was 8 years old, it was the first time I can remember being excited about hockey, I was amazed watching Kirk McLean and he inspired me to become a goalie. That series is the reason I’m still a hockey player and a die hard nucks fan today!

  25. Desire P. says

    My favourite Canucks memory was going to the St. Louis game at Christmas time last year. SOB (my favourite player) scored the only Canucks goal and when Burrows tied it the refs called it off and everyone started chanting Bull Sh*t!!

  26. Mack Reid says

    My favorite Canuck memory took place on January 25th, 2010.

    The story began with my mother writing Trevor Linden via the Canucks while I was serving our country in Afghanistan on Task Force 3-09 Operation Athena. TC Carling of the Vancouver Canucks was one of the people who intercepted this letter and quickly notified Captain Canuck Trevor Linden himself.

    I was to have 3 weeks leave during my Tour where they pay for you to go anywhere in the world, I had plans with Kevin Kinghorn to go see the Canucks game against the Buffalo Sabres on the night of the 25th of January, of course there was nowhere else i’d rather be than Rogers Arena cheering on the Canucks!

    The morning of the 25th was to start off as a tour of the bowels of Rogers Arena with our friendly and very accommodating Tour Guide, TC Carling, atleast that’s all I was expecting!

    Before I knew it, TC Carling and the Vancouver Canucks had set up a meet and greet WITH the Vancouver Canucks! I was watching the morning skate and was blind sided with meeting my all-time Canuck Hero, Trevor Linden. Henrik and Daniel Sedin shortly came out to join in the conversation. We stood on the stairs of Rogers Arena and talked hockey and they asked me questions about Afghanistan…It was a dream come true!

    Shortly thereafter, I was able to go into the Vancouver Canucks’ dressing room and mosey around a little bit (All while players were getting pre-game interviews!) I had the absolute amazing pleasure to meet with Roberto Luongo for a quick chat while he was doing his laundry, and a very nice chat with Darcy Hordichuk as he sat in his stall in half gear after a ‘bag skate’ (Regardless of what people may have thought about former Canuck tough guy, he was a very friendly person)

    When I thought the day was coming to an end, We were led down the hall by Mr. Carling to a small conference room, on the way meeting Canucks first Captain Orland Kurtenbach, The Steamer Stan Smyl and then assistan Coach Ryan Walters. Inside the conference room, Trevor Linden was being inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame (earlier I would learn since retiring Trevor had only been in Rogers Arena 2 other times prior!) During the speeches, we met Canuck’s reporter and Johnny-on-the-spot with his game time tweets, Dan Murphy who was kind enough to pose for a picture and talk with my folks!

    I was treated like total hockey royalty the whole day by the classiest organization in the whole NHL and also saw a heck of a game, a come from behind 3-2 Canucks Victory over the Sabres.

    This is my all-time favorite Canuck memory and will always be one of the best days of my life and will forever be a story told over a few beers and a Canuck’s Game!

  27. says

    My favourite memory will be the Fan Appreciation Night on Dec 18, 2010. I’ve been to other games before, but this one was special. My sister was coming back in town for Christmas, and this is the only game she can make before she leaves. So, I had to get those tickets, but it was a Canucks vs. Maple Leafs, and those tickets are impossible to get with my budget. I spent a month on craigslist looking for tickets. Everyday, click click click…. & only disappointed… but somehow, one day someone decided that they didn’t want to make a killing on the ticket and I snatched up that pair of tickets. It was hard work, but the moments I shared with my sister at the game were worth it! Canucks obviously won, made it even sweeter. We ran down to the tunnel after the game for the Jersey Off Our Backs event. We got so close to Henrik, but I didn’t get my jersey signed. Too many kids in front of me to contend with. My sister loves Hamhuis, so I’m this Hamhuis jersey prize will be a perfect cherry to top off this memory!

  28. JB says

    My favourite Canucks memory is from a combination of many many different nights throughout my childhood and now as an adult, watching the games at home with my family! I have grown up cheering on the Canucks and although I have only been to a few games, we have always been cheering them on every day (on and off season!) I love the Canucks and have never jumped off the bandwagon, I have faith in them! I have amazing memories of trying to jump through the tv screen, cheering our team on! Go Canucks :)

  29. Jer says

    My favourite Canuck fan is from my most recent live game I went to on December 18th! It was so amazing to be with such a great crowd of Canadians cheering on the Canucks! I have always watched the games with friends at home, but being live at the rink, with all of the fans is just an unbelievable experience!

  30. HS says

    My husband and I were glued to the TV throughout the 1994 Canucks’ cup run and we never wanted to miss a game. The problem: our first child was due on June 5th, would he come early on the 4th and cause us to miss game three or late on the 7th causing us to miss game ? Well, he was the perfect baby and arrived on June 5th giving me enough time to recover and watch game 4 in the hospital and games 5-7 at home. I will never forget the little one week old babe in the corner in his car seat while all the adults in the room sat glued to the tv watching games 5 through 7. He didn’t even cry when we all yelled in unison at a goal (actually it was the whole neighbourhood yelling, you could hear them!) or when we groaned in pain at the tragic loss. It is the best Canuck memory I have. Hopefully, this year, around his 17th birthday, we will be able to create yet another, even more amazing memory together as a family and watch the Canucks bring home the CUP!

  31. says

    My best Canucks memory was from one of the first games I’ve ever been to. Twenty or so of us started off at a pub in Maple Ridge, boarded a coach bus for the long haul into Vancouver (here we fought over the mic to tell the funniest jokes in hopes of winning Nucks swag), and finally headed into GM Place to take our seats in the Molson Canadian section.

    Say what you will about the rowdies that sit there, but when you’re one of them there’s nowhere else you’d rather be. It was a fury of high-fives and beer spilling and popcorn throwing, one of those times where it didn’t matter if we won or not (But we did! The icing on the cake!) because everyone was so in the moment. We started the wave and drowned out all the noise with our chants of “LUUUUUUUUUU!!” and you couldn’t see half the game over the sea of foam puckheads. It was the kind of night where you’re instantly old friends with everyone around you and you never want it to end.

    Thanks Canucks & Brian for doing this giveaway!

  32. Ellen says

    Far too many favorite memories from the Canucks… how to choose just one. Even more now that my teen has caught the Canuck bug. My daughter and I keep all our favorite memories & our walls have become wallpapered with them. We can sit here & read the walls and remember it all. All the hat tricks ,the great plays/goals in the playoffs, the wicked road trip of 2009/10 season, Luo signing his contract, our shutout game over the bhawks, the 8 round shoot out victory 2 nights ago…. it goes on & on & on. The Canucks give is so many great memories we may need to build more walls just to find the space for them;).

  33. Jasmine Modgil says

    My favorite Canucks memory is from going to my first Canucks game! It was Leafs vs Nucks Dec 18th!
    An hour before I was getting my teeth cleaned and checked for cavities and it turned out I had won the tickets thanks to BCAA! It was amazing awesome seats and an amazing crowd. Canucks obviously won 4-1. :)

  34. Aman Minhas says

    MY favorite Canucks memory was when Roberto Luongo signed with the Canucks. He was my favorite goalie when he played with the Panthers as well. That really just made my life. Also when recently beat the Blackhawks 3-0 with Luongo in net. Big improvment. And also, the Night of the Tribute to Luc Bourdon <3 ..a night that will never be forgotten !

  35. Simon says

    My favourite memory was the Game 7 against the Flames in the 2004 playoffs. I can still imagine myself on the edge of my feet as the Flames narrowly missed the empty net. Then, Markus Naslund picks up the puck behind the net, going around a checking but falling Jerome Iginla, into the Flames zone to put a shot on Kiprussoff who lets out a rebound to Matt Cooke to tie the game with mere seconds left. I also remember the jubilation on Ed Jovanovski’s face as he jumped up and down in the penalty box. Too bad Gelinas (a Flame and former Canuck) had to end the hopes of Canucks Nation with the series-clinching goal shortly after OT began!

  36. Rahim says

    My favourite Canucks has to be Bure’s double overtime winner against the Flames in the 94 playoffs. Unfortunately this to cliche so I have a second favourite memory and that is being at Game 4, last season playoffs against the Kings. I can barely remember Henrik’s winner as I thought I heard a whistle and thought he was offside. However, I do remember going crazy after seeing the puck go in the net and releasing it was not offside. What a game.

  37. says

    My favourite Canucks moment is the the Markus Naslund Jersey Retirement Ceremony Weekend. Being from Toronto, my opportunity to see the Canucks play was very limited. I saw a couple of games at the ACC, but never I never had the opportunity to go to the Canucks home to see a live game. I came home one day, and my dad surprised me with row 6 tickets to Vancouver vs. Tampa Bay, and at the top of the ticket said, “naslund retirement ceremony.” I couldn’t believe what had happened, until next thing i knew i was on a flight to Vancouver to see the game. When we came out on the friday, we caught a giants game against spokane, and then toured vancouver and the team store. While downtown i promised myself i wanted to get a RK17 hat from the firstar store. As my dad and I roamed the downtown area, we came across firstar, and a man with broad shoulders sitting in the front signing autographs. I yelled “thats Ryan Kesler!!!” to my dad, as i jumped out and soon got an autograph from him. I ended the day with just looking up realizing how lucky i was to even be out here, and i hadn’t even gone to the game yet! When we came down to Naslund game, i walked into Rogers Arena, stood, and stared at ice and the rafters in my Markus naslund jersey. I couldn’t believe how far i’d come, and seeing his jersey going up to the rafters was the icing on the cake. I can now say to myself that a piece of me is connected to the history of my favourite franchise in the world. This weekend was the best of my life, and spending it with my dad meant even more. Thats why the Naslund Retierment Weekend was the best Canucks memory for me.

  38. Amanda Cheung says

    My favourite canucks memory would be going to my first playoff game last year. It was game 1 against the L.A. Kings in round 1. I went with a friend and we were all decked out – jerseys, blue/green afros, blue/green leis, painted nails and homemade signs! we got the free face paint there too! i got the canucks orca logo with the stanley cup on its head! :) we got to take pictures with fin and we were on CTV news too! It was so much fun and to top it off they won too! :)

  39. Erica says

    My favorite Canucks memory was last year I went on the California/Phoenix roadtrip. The cost of tickets to go was so affordable and although we hadn’t won all of the games the experience was amazing! Walking around the staples center and we saw the Canucks bus as well as the late arrival demitra! He was super friendly took a pic and was on his way! This trip made me feel like the true Canucks fan I am and was crazy to meet all the people on the same trip =)

  40. says

    My favourite Canucks memory has to be game 7 against Calgary in 2004. It helps that it involved a miraculous play from my all time fav not Matt Cooke, but Markus Naslund.

    The way he streaked down the left hand boards..put it on net and then Cooke putting it in when it was all or nothing to get to OT.

    Additionally, there was Jovo in the box. His penalty had negated the advantage wed had. I cant recall whether it was a powerplay or emptynet but the overall feeling when Jovo went to the box was that all was lost. Then they showed some fans in the crowd right before Cooker scored and their sign said “i believ.” it was perfect..

    When we scored i went nuts…jovo went nuts..and gm place went nuts. Defs my fav moment.

  41. Zach Hall says

    I’m Zach and I’m 9 years old and I’ll be talking about my big moment!
    It was 2010 in January. We went to our hotel, stayed there for a while and at 6pm we went for pizza and then went to the rink. We got there and waited and soon the store opened. I got a foam finger. It was the last foam finger in the whole place. When the players came out I high-fived almost all of them. I went to the front of the seats and watched them stretch. Pucks were shooting across the glass and Henrik Sedin flipped me a puck over the glass. When I got that puck I was so excited – it was the greatest day of my life! When I held that puck I knew that it meant good luck! It was the Canucks and the Blues. It was the first period when me and my Dad went to our seats. It was a good game so far but still 0 – 0. But then Raymond scored the home goal and Vancouver was winning 1 – 0. Soon the Blues made it 1 -1. The period ended and we went to get popcorn – I was having a great time. Second period: Raymond shoots, he scores! What a game! I knew they would win. Soon there was a fight. I forget who was fighting but it was cool. First there was one of each until another Blues player joined the fight. After the second period it was tied 2 – 2. I hoped it would go into overtime because I wanted to see a real NHL overtime. I didn’t want the night to end. But then the Canucks scored the final goal. Vancouver won the game! Thankfully there were no injuries. Thank you.

  42. Cornuck says

    It has to be the ’82 playoffs. Sure we didn’t stand a chance against the Islanders, but the run up to the Finals was great fun! Seeing the Cup awarded, even thought it wasn’t us, was a great thrill.

    94 was a great time as well, and we were much closer to bringing it home, but you never forget your first time.

  43. Amanda says

    My favorite memory was becoming a Canucks fan, the chill I got when I bought my first jersey, stepping into Roger’s Arena and cheering on the team, lining up for meet and greets with the players, shouting “LOUUUUUU” with the crowd, doing the wave during the games, watching Schneider get his first nhl career shutout, yelling, screaming, chanting with the fans, beating previous records, winning shootouts, beating the kings in the first round of playoffs last year, and watching the games with my family and friends. I’ll never forget any of these moments.

  44. Charles Tomala says

    driving up from the states with uncleweed to see the canucks play only to go on a romp that would make hunter s. blush.


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