The Lighter Side of Luongo

Determined and competitive; Work-horse and driven; Aloof and intense. All adjectives to describe one Roberto Luongo. More often than not, his tenure here in Vancouver has the majority of the public and media alike thinking that Roberto takes life way too seriously and often his game to the point that his intensity and desire to win tend to harm his play rather than help it. Maybe they’re right, perhaps his very competitive nature and focus is a little too much for us average fans and media geeks can fathom.  After all, what the heck do we know about being professional athletes? In theory we know everything, in reality, not so much.

Over the last couple of months, many of us around the nation got to see a ‘lighter side’ of Roberto Luongo.  On TSN, he shared his poetic skills and some humour.  He even wrote for foreword in James Duthie’s new book.  This was something none of us knew about Roberto, and most likely something we never expected. Why would we? He took his job and criticism too seriously, or so we thought.

When Luongo didn’t show up for winning first star in a game the Canucks won not too long ago and not grant Murph a post game interview, some of us made a big deal about it, he was way too intense.  Some out there even decided it was rather ‘diva’-like of him to stand up the crowd the way he did. Was it? Yeah maybe a little, but wouldn’t you be pissed off that you were just a few seconds away from perfection and someone else botched it up for you? I’m not sure about everyone else, but I’d be livid. But then again, like Roberto, I am a bit of a perfectionist.

The one thing that has gotten my attention and the attention of the wise, is the humour and wit Roberto Luongo has inserted in his pre/post game interviews about his play. He’s been brilliantly funny by poking fun of himself and enjoying his time as just one of the guys and not being Captain Canuck. He has kept his critics laughing instead of pointing fingers at his mistakes and his ‘aloofness’. He has even joined in publicly with some remarks about his teammate in the ribbing sense. When he referred to Lee Sweatt as “built like a fire hydrant”, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He has been not only entertaining, but you can see a more relaxed Roberto Luongo who is far more comfortable to have people see him as human.

So he has been able to open up a bit more and show us a more humanistic side of himself and be more open and take more responsibility for his play. So why do so many out there still bash him? I’m not sure to be honest, but I for one have been very happy with his play so far this year, and his demeanor. On top of all the fun stuff, Roberto Luongo has played very well and stolen a few games for the boys as of late. What more could you ask in your number one goalie?  So what I ask is, if Roberto Luongo has lightened up, why can’t his critics?

Justine Galo

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  1. Canucksgurl16 says

    The ppl that bash him or the rest of the team arent worth the paper words are written on or the to be given the effort to even ask why they are the way they are…one word, bangwagon! get off it, stay off it and be gone! we dont need them!
    They act like they have never had a bad day at work and took it out on ppl that didnt deserve it! I got pretty ticked that he lost that SO but then I was pretty choked with the way he acted afterwards. We all think we know, but we have no idea!
    Not even other hockey players can understand what letting in that goal meant to him and lossing that SO.
    Great write up! Thanks :)

  2. Cornuck says

    He’s been showing improving all season – maybe the full time goalie coach is helping. What ever the reason, I think he has time to relax now and not carry the team on his shoulders each night. We have a pair of superstar forwards – 3 if you count Kesler, so the spotlight isn’t in the crease for one of the few times in Canucks history.

    I’m sure that he’s already working towards the playoffs, and knows he’ll be judged closer then – so why not enjoy the season as much as possible?

    Goalies are unique – you take them how they are. They aren’t going to change.

  3. says

    Well said! I liked when Schneider had a few starts in a short time frame earlier in the year and when asked about his play, Luongo said it was nice to get back between the pipes and give Schneid the night off.

    A little modesty and humour goes a long way and makes him a lot more likable.


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