Jason Kurylo Podcast: No love for Bernier & Alberts, Hank for Hart & Playoff Talk

Jason Kurylo presents the first ever CanucksCorner.com podcast, which he has affectionately titled “Bernier Is A Turd”. We’re not sure is this will be the permanent name of his podcasts, but we remind everyone the opinions expressed on CanucksCorner.com are those of the authors and may not reflect the opinion of CanucksCorner.com. :)

Jason and his co-host Chris Withers discuss amongst other topics, their dislike for Steve Bernier and Andrew Alberts, the Hart Trophy chances of Henrik Sedin, the Rocket Richard trophy, playoff matchups, hits to the head and pretty much every other recent hockey topic! To get started, click on the Ipod below!

CC Podcast - Jason Kurylo[tweetmeme]

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  1. Cornuck says

    Nice job – I actually was able to listen to the whole thing (which is saying a lot with my attention span).

    Surprised you went to the Moore-Naslund bit – maybe something that isn’t old news next time? :/

  2. Mark says

    Chris is out to lunch when he refers to Hanks 2nd assists. He may have 39 of them, but often the second assist is the one that creates the goal. Hank could make a brilliant pass to send ome on the clear, they could get stopped and a follow up guy gets the rebound, thus making the first assist the less important one.

    How many goals have guys had to tap in because Hank created a great chance?

  3. Chris says

    You’re right of course, and I don’t mean to belittle Henrik’s point production or his artistry with the puck. In the context of the Hart trophy, however, assists simply aren’t valued as highly as goals. Like I said: hope I’m wrong.

  4. Dave Allen says

    As I write this, Ovechkin has 48 goals and 5 of them are empty net goals. Not to diminish his talent and impact on the sport, but over 10% of his goals to date were essentially unopposed. With any mathematical analysis, 10% is statistically significant and cannot be ignored. But will that be considered when the ballots are filled out? I hope so.

    Ultimately, the Hart is about a player’s contribution to his team. Ovechkin is now Washington’s captain and leads them in many stats… including suspensions. Getting suspended 3 times in one season is not exemplary leadership. It’s piss-poor sportsmanship.

    Add the fact that Washington’s winning percentage is as good, if not a little better, when Ovechkin is out of the lineup this season due to suspension or injury.

    Sure the man is a machine and can produce like no other. I marvel at his ability the way I used to fawn over Mario. That said… Hank, Crosby and Miller have carried their teams this year without the benefit of skating with the likes of Semin, Backstrom and Green. Take Ovechkin’s goals away from the Capitals and they’re still within a goal or two of the #2 offensive team, Chicago.

    Let’s face it, the Capitals are a offensive dynamo and a Cup contender with or without Ovechkin. And for that very reason I do not think he deserves the Hart Trophy this year.

  5. Chris says

    Very nice points! I’d be really interested to know how many ENG’s Henrik set up, to counter that argument, but I don’t know if that stat exists. Ryan Miller is an interesting candidate isn’t he? Seems like a lock for the Vezina. 40 wins plus. Overall his contribution to his team’s success might just be greater than Sid, Ovie or Hank, given that all of them are playing with talented linemates.

  6. says

    Just so you know, sports fans, Chris and I will be upping the ante starting with the next podcast – we have editing to take out all the ums and ahs, and even theme music courtesy of the Orchid Highway, a Vancouver-based band you should definitely check out. They’re at http://www.OrchidHighway.com – give ’em a listen.

    Thanks for the feedback, folks!

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