Excuse me Mr. Tencer, who’s whining here?

My friend Richard Loat over at Canucks Hockey Blog tweeted about a blog written by Dan Tencer, an apparently bitter member of the Edmonton media (630 CHED) who I guess is sick of covering the sad sack Oilers. Tencer felt he needed to rip the Canucks and their fans after the Canucks defeated the Oilers 3-2 in overtime the other night.

Maybe it was the fact that when the Canucks scored it was as loud as an Oiler goal. Maybe it was the fact that this “young” media member is just too inexperienced to realize his team just plain sucks.

Here’s a gem from Tencer:

“So, if you want to ignore the Glory Years of the Oilers, Habs and Leafs, OK. If you want to ignore the Flames’ success in the 80’s, OK. The Canucks have just NEVER…NEVER…had anything that should lead to a franchise and fan base that has become as seemingly self-entitled as Vancouver.”

“After last night’s game, in which the Canucks were the benefactors of some calls that were at best marginal and at worst brutal, my frustration took over. Frustration that for the week leading up to the game, the Canucks and their fans were up in arms over a so-called screw job in a game against Nashville. Apparently the whining and complaining worked, as the 2 young officials gave them back the points they felt were robbed from them last week.”

This “journalist”, judging by his baby face, is far to young to remember the glory years of the Leafs whose drought is longer than the Canucks have been in the league. And if not for a once in a lifetime glutton of talent the Oilers were blessed with during their runs and a guy named Gretzky, Edmonton fans would be in the same boat as Canucks fans.

There’s nothing I love more as a Canucks fan, than debating these fans of the Oilers, Flames or Leafs when they intelligently ask you “How many cups do you have?” As if that means we shouldn’t cheer or support our teams because they haven’t won a Stanley Cup. News flash Mr. Tencer, it’s 2010 not the 80’s…and today your team sucks. Don’t get upset when Canucks fans are excited about their team. Don’t blame us your team hasn’t won a game in 16. Don’t blame us your building was full of Canucks fans. Suck it up and deal with it.

Tencer contends that the Canucks were the beneficiaries of whining that they did after the Nashville/Burrows fisaco. I guess he agrees with the phantom interference penalty that was assessed to Burrows in that game. But of course he doesn’t mention the tirade that Pat Quinn went on after the Canucks win, or the tirades that are becoming standard fare after each Oiler loss. That’s not whining at all! Too bad those nasty officials didn’t make it up to them in their next game, like they did for us. Please…

Tencer breaks two cardinal rules in being a sports fand/media member. He takes his dislike for an organization and paints them and their fans with one brush. He also allows his emotions as a member of the media to get the better of him. I wonder if he knows of any cocky or arrogant Oiler fans that were around in the 80’s? Of course he doesn’t, he was probably in a diaper.

I’m not sure if it’s his age, or his inexperience, but read his blog for yourself, you be the judge of who’s doing the whining here. It’s too bad this “media” member can’t stop himself from reacting like a whining fan. I’m sure he’ll have a long career in Edmonton.


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  1. Mr. Fantasy says

    As a Habs fan, I feel that if we were going to talk about who has won the most, my team did it. 24 baby. No one is even close. But in reality, our team is iffy. We got some good scoring, no D except Markov and our goaltending is inexperienced. Not sure as to why the Oilers media think the Canucks have nothing to be proud of.

    I used to live in Vancouver (and hopefully soon again will be) and there isn’t a classier organization than the Canucks. With their charity work, community involvement, and their on-hands approach to accepting social media and using it to boost their profile with their fans. There is no better organization. The Canucks have been pioneers with community relations, heads and shoulders above the rest of the league. Stick that in your fact drawer, Dan Tencer.

  2. says

    What do you really expect, though? When a team takes until the third week of the month to pick up its first win for that month, especially if it’s Edmonton, they’re going to look for something other than themselves to blame.

    Yeah, the Leafs have had glory years. Too bad they came before I was born. And yeah, they’ve won more Stanley Cups than any team other than the Habs. In a SIX TEAM LEAGUE. As soon as there was a decent amount of competition, hey, the Leafs stopped winning Cups. Go figure.


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