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  1. Rod
    October 5, 2009

    Should they really need that much time to gell, though? Of the six new members of the Canucks, only three have had significant ice team in the regular season – Christian Ehrhoff, Mikael Samuelsson, and Sergei Shirokov. The other 20 on the active roster have all played together for at least a full season, and for some, considerably longer.

    There’s no way that they should need to relearn the ‘Canucks system’ just because they’ve had a few months off, either. Sure, the timing might be a little off on passes, etc, but that’s what the preseason is for. Timing should get back into synch whether you’re playing with your regular linemates or not.

    Like you say, I don’t think that it’s the end of the world that they’re 0 – 2, as teams like Detroit are in the same boat. But I don’t think anyone’s writing the Wings’ season off as a complete failure. Just like they shouldn’t for the Canucks.

  2. Brian Wawryshyn
    October 5, 2009

    No one is talking about relearning a system. You ask how much time should they need? How about more than zero games. At no point did the Canucks dress and NHL calibre lineup during the preseason.

    You’re correct that they shouldn’t need much time, especially since most of the team is returning, but it would have been prudent in my opinion to at least dress a solid lineup that would reflect 90% of your roster for the final two preseason games.

  3. Art
    October 7, 2009

    100 per cent agreed!

    This team had every chance to get a game or two in before the ‘real’ season started, yet they chose not to. To me, this looks like a cash grab by management to fill the arena a couple of times to pay for the new dressing room.

    Bad move by the team.

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