A Mid-Summer Musing

Well, it’s been while my fellow hockey fans since I have hit the keyboard to stroke out a few words about our Vancouver Canucks and other hockey related issues. It’s mid-July and as I taken time off of writing due to this four letter word called work, I have to admit, my mind has shut off hockey the last few weeks since the Stanley Cup Finals as I watched Sidney Crosby captain his Pittsburgh Penguins to a Game 7 victory. Congratulations and well done.

During this off-season, I have heard and read a good amount of ridiculous rumours of which free agents were going where and what trades were going to be put in place. As usual, only about quarter of those actually came true,and even then, the deal that went down wasn’t always the one that was predicted in the weeks prior to July 1st. 

Double Our Pleasure

There were many rumours circulating that the services of Daniel and Henrik Sedin were no longer going to belong to the Vancouver Canucks. In fact, there were rumours of the Wonder Twins heading to my current home of Toronto and were contemplating offers from the man who drafted them, Brian Burke, GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Hearing and reading people publicly saying, ” The Sedins are Leafs, book it.”  and “Vancouver is going to have to do a rebuild without their first line.”  “No one wants to play in Vancouver, Canucks on the rebuild.” It sounded like Dan and Hank were already waving the blue maple leaf and were starting to plan out their float for the parade route down Yonge Street in Toronto.  I guess all the ‘expert’  rumour aficionados were on the mark there.

So, after some good deliberation with agent, JP Barry, the Sedin brothers decided that Vancouver was the best option for their interests.  I for one am glad to see the Sedins back in Canuck uniforms and will be on the first line with workhorse, Alex Burrows. Regardless of what some so-called ‘experts’ say about the Sedin twins, they are very good players who have now shown they can shoulder the responsibility of carrying their good play into the post season.  Mike Gillis did well in ensuring their future with the franchise.

Parting is Bittersweet

The departure of long time serving Canuck defenceman, Mattias Ohlund, was bittersweet for this long time fan. Mattias Ohlund lived up to his billing of his draft year. A steady, smooth-skating defenceman who hit hard and positioned himself well to counter an offensive attack. Ohlund was nominated for the Calder Trophy in 1998, on March 15th of this past season, Ohlund also became the franchise leading scoring defenceman. His 12 year tenure with the Canucks has placed Mattias Ohlund not only as a leader in the record books but a fan favourite and will be missed.

Thank you Mattias and good luck in Tampa Bay.

Extended Invitation

Roberto Luongo’s anticipated contract extension with the Vancouver Canucks is a hot topic not only amongst Canucks fans but the hockey world in general.  I will not even sugar coat this, the Vancouver Canucks are a much better team with Roberto Luongo between the pipes than without. Anyone who says the Canucks are fine without the services of Captain Canuck are sadly mistaken.Remember the 20 some odd games without Luongo? Remember what happened when he came back? Yeah, enough said.  I’m not saying the Canucks aren’t a competative team and don’t have some of the puzzles pieces in place, it’s just that, well, Roberto is the center piece.   He is the man, in my opinion, that keeps the team wanting to strive for more and brings that spirit into the dressing room. 

Luongo is a workhorse and shows that he will do what it takes to find success not just personally, but also for his team. I am sure many fans would agree the Vancouver  Canucks need Roberto Luongo.  So in the famous words of Larry the Cable Guy, “Mike Gillis…GET’ER DONE!”

So, as we are now at the half way mark into my other favourite sport, baseball, I also mark it as a signal that hockey season is not that far away. I’m starting to get back in gear with all the hockey rumours, talks, and write ups. I look forward to a new season and of course the upcoming Olympics in my hometown of Vancouver, BC. So until next time…

This has been some Musings from the Mud

Justine Galo: Toronto,ON

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