Quiet confidence is a great feeling.

I have to say, that was the most stress free series I think I’ve watched the Canucks play. Not at any point did I feel like the series was in jeopardy of slipping away. The Blues fought hard, but were clearly over matched in key areas of the game. In fact the only area you could say the Canucks could improve would be staying out of the penalty box. This will be imperative in the next round and beyond if the Canucks hope to keep this ball rolling.

The rest between games shouldn’t be an issue. With injuries of the unknown variety to players like Salo, Sundin, Mitchell and perhaps even Luongo, the time off will be a valuable benefit of finishing the Blues off early, while the other teams pound on each other for a few more games. Rumblings about the possible return of Taylor Pyatt to Vancouver early next week will also be easier for him to get back into things without the added pressure of a game to play.

So, who do Canucks fans hope to play next? Does it matter? It doesn’t to me, and it shouldn’t to the team. You have to win twelve more games to hoist the mug, and to be the best you should beat the best along the way. Right now the Canucks shouldn’t fear any opponent and I’m not sure the other teams feel the same way about them.

You’ve heard it said a million times, but there is something special about this team, and the way it conducts it’s business. They celebrate the highs for a few hours, then it’s back to the task at hand, game by game, day by day, as they have said all season. Players like Mason Raymond, Steve Bernier and Kyle Wellwood have shown sides to their game not seen often. It would seem this team is playing as one, and that is a key ingredient to any championship team.

Quiet confidence is what this team has, and I think for the first time perhaps in their history, their fans have it too.

Nuts and dolts

I was saddened and disgusted to learn of some idiots who once again used last nights win to prove just how small their brains were. Reports of people breaking car windows and assaulting a police officer last night were very discouraging. Let it be known these aren’t fans, they’re punks. They’re looking for any excuse they can to be “cool” and they’re anything but.

Grow up, celebrate like humans instead of a bunch of morons, and quit giving our city a bad name. ┬áif I had my way, non of these idiots would be allowed to watch a Canucks game again. They don’t deserve the privilege.

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  1. says

    Awesome post Brian.

    Quiet confidence and an angel (Bourdon) in the rafters. ;).

    That was magic last night watching that goal go in from Alex Burrows.

    Yeah as far as the morons that ruined a perfectly good night for REAL Canucks fans, get lost. We don’t need ‘fans’ like you on our wagon. It’s full, and for many of us, it’s been home for years and years.

  2. levelheaded says

    I guarantee that everyone who acted like a moron after we beat St. Louis hopped on the bandwagon 6 weeks ago and don’t watch a second of Canucks hockey during the year. They’re worse than the jerks who sit in the lower bowl in business suits and stare at their blackberries the whole game. It’s all about image, and if we do miss the playoffs they’ll be the first to claim they never cared about it anyways. God I hate bandwagoners.


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