Closing out the Blues and Where’s the Beef?

Closing Out the Blues

As the Canucks head into Game 4 with a 3-0 lead, I’m sure many fans, media and observers alike are thinking the “S” word. Yes that’s right, “sweep”.  Can the Canucks sweep these Blues? Sure they can. Will they? That remains to be seen.

Personally I don’t care for a sweep, it would be nice, but I am confident in the abilities of the Canucks to close the series out at some point, but they will.  I cannot see the St. Louis Blues beating Luongo four games straight. I just don’t see it.  Not with the way he has been playing, not with the way the Canucks have supported him scoring, it seems like an impossiblity.

As I said in my previous  blog, there is a recipe for playoff success that the Canucks are following. A lot of it has to do with the belief in each other. The team believes in Luongo and it’s evident that Luongo believes in the rest of the team.  So far, the Canucks have contained the St. Louis scoring threats to a minimum. TJ Oshie has not been as effective, and despite all the chances Andy McDonald has had against Luongo, he shows only one goal. The Canucks have done their job.

2008-2009 Canucks stranglehold the series with the Blues

2008-2009 Canucks stranglehold the series with the Blues

Where’s the Beef(s)?
Beef#1: The Bandwagon

As happy as I am with the play of the Vancouver Canucks and getting squished while in the middle of the playoff bandwagon with many of the old faithful, I do have to say that it would have been nice for the majority of the fans to stay on the wagon with the faithful. When the Canucks were losing badly while Luongo was out and Sundin was finding his game, I kept saying, “There is a feeling I get about this team, I don’t think they are out yet.” I have to say I am glad I was right. I guess every team has their share of bandwagoners, even Vancouver.  A fan is a fan I suppose, whether they be die-hard or casual.

Beef #2: Rodney Dangerfields of the NHL Playoffs

It’s great to see the Canucks play like I knew they can.  I am not sure if it’s a Vancouver Inferiority complex but my angst is with the eastern based media.  From what I am gathering from the preview, intermission and post game shows, the Canucks are a one man backstop. Roberto Luongo is the only reason they are in the position they are in.

Although I agree, the Canucks are a much better team with Roberto in net, I can’t see how a team would be so dominant in a series with just the goaltender being so hot. In the regular season, the Canucks managed to have 6 players with 20+ goals. Their defensive play has been solid when they have been all healthy.

So far in the playoffs, Henrik and Daniel Sedin have come to the dance and playing like a first line. I would like to see some of these analysts and others give them some credit. Their past performances showed in the previous playoffs, they were a non-factor.  Not this time around. They are showing their ability and their control.

I don’t know of any other team that has not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 puck moving defensemen.  The blue line is a threat on the scoresheet.

The rest of the team have played well on the penalty kill and in the last game their power play was one to be envied.

Their energy and shut down lines have been spectacular over all.

Only two Canucks players have a negative rating regarding that stat and both are at a -1. Not too bad if you ask me.

So, where is the respect for the Canucks for being in the position they are in? I guess I shouldn’t really care, but it gets tiring hearing that if it wasn’t for those three crossbars in Game 2, the Nucks would have been in trouble.  Did those people forget the posts in Game 1 that the Canucks hit? That game should have been 6-1, but luckily for the Blues, it wasn’t.
I’ll take the stranglehold of the lead in the series as a Canucks fan. I’ll take the overlooking of the other parts of the Canucks game. I’ll take all the crap that the eastern media says about my team. I know, from what I see, and the stats I read, the Canucks are the real deal.

Musings from the mud.
Lotus Blossom

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  1. says

    Good post:

    Just a few thoughts:

    1) I think the Canucks’ true character and maturity will be revealed tomorrow…or the game following tomorrow. If the Canucks defeat the Blues tomorrow, it will demonstrate to me that this team is for real….and has a mental toughness that complements their obvious talent. However – if the Canucks do not play at the same level as they did these past few games, and lose as result….then I believe that this team is a pretender…..just as they were 2 years ago….and just as they were during the WCE era.

    Having said that – I don’t mind if the Canucks lose tomorrow in a hard fought game…..and then close it out at home.

    2) I have been very critical of the Sedin’s for their past inability to raise their game when the team needed them the most (i.e. last 10 games of last year’s regular season, 07 playoffs). However – I am proud to say that they’ve made believers out of me.

    3) Just as I predicted, Anaheim are fucking dangerous….and I’m very glad that we avoided them in the 1st round. I do not care if we play them in any other round however….assuming that we advance.

    4) I don’t think it’s so much of an “eastern bias” (i.e. allegations that the Canucks are a one-goalie hockey team) as it is as much as the Easterners simply being ignorant.

    However – I think that goes both ways. For example – when a lot of westerners think of the Capitals, we only think of Ovechkin….and not some of the other great players that they have (i.e. Semin). I personally don’t care what the media or other city’s fanbases’ think.

    Let our actions speak for themselves.

  2. says

    I prefer the sweep. Get it over with and heal those bones. It’s been a crunching series and you know several guys are already banged up.

    I like your assessment of Game 3, Lotus. Those posts and crossbars were not the deciding factor. The Canucks shut the blues down after claiming a lead. Luongo didn’t even have to be super.
    I love this team! These are good times!
    Sweep ’em boys!

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