Sundin’s coming around, as are the Canucks

Hands up all of you who were running out of patience with Mats Sundin. Even of you started out cutting him some slack, the weight of the losing streak in January was testing your patience, admit it. I know I was guilty of a few sarcastic remarks.

Tuesday night in St.Louis, Sundin chipped in another two goals, while his line produced seven points on the night, in a come from behind 6-4 Canucks victory to open their road trip. Sundin is starting to get it all back and just in the nick of time. A three game winning streak has instilled new life in the team, and calls to fire the coach and put Sundin out to the same pasture as Mark Messier have subsided.

Of course, it hasn’t been all Sundin.

The emergence of two scoring lines has been huge and so has the team finally getting healthy. I thought Don Taylor at the TEAM 1040 made an excellent point the other day when he pointed out that with a healthy team again, ice time is going to be at a premium, and that should motivate all of the Canucks to pick up their game a little, in particular Kyle Wellwood, who with the team winning hasn’t been able to get back in the lineup.

One could argue it’s Ryan Kesler that has brought Sundin around, and they would have a damn good case. Alex Burrows has been heroic, and is chipping in offense, while the Sedin twins can now do their thing without facing the opposing teams top checkers all night long.

The best part? Roberto Luongo has only been average, and if he gets on a roll, this team could be hard to stop.

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  1. says

    It’s great to see both Kesler and Burrows doing so well apart from each other. Separating the dynamic duo was a risk that seems to have payed off.

    Not sure about playing Burrows with the Sedins though …

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