Welcome to the new Canucks Corner!

Hi everyone, and welcome to what is still a work in progress. Canucks Corner is starting it’s 12th season on the internet, and we’re taking things in a new direction.

Several years ago now, Tom Benjamin approached me with the idea of adding a blog to Canucks Corner. I didn’t even know what a blog was. Today, Tom’s blog is one of the most popular and respected on the internet. He apparently saw the future, because today blogs are everywhere.

This year we’re joining the fun. In the years I have run this site, I have had the pleasure of reading and hosting great insight from all sorts of Canucks fans. Not the mainstream media stuff, but passionate and informative perspectives from the fans. The idea with this new direction for the site is to have a group of these outstanding contributors as authors of this blog, and to create a Canucks “Fanzine” of sorts for Canucks fans, by Canucks fans.

Another exciting development for this season is that CanucksCorner.com was asked to participate in the new Fanzone section at Canucks.com. Part of their vision is to unite the best fan contributors on the web, and form a “fan branch” of the media so to speak. This blog will aid in that effort and eventually we hope to be providing some cool features as the Fanzone grows and develops over the next little while.

George Fawcett’s outstanding Canucks History database is still here and is new and improved. Tom’s Blog is of course still going strong.

I think/hope that you are going to like the new format. I am excited about it and it could be a really good year for the site.

For now, please bear with us as we get the rest of the site up to speed with our new format.

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